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Six dead after gunman attacks Jewish pilgrimage site in Tunisia

By David I. Klein — May 10, 2023
(RNS) — The attack came as thousands of Jews had traveled to the island of Djerba for an annual pilgrimage to El Ghriba synagogue, the oldest in Africa.

Why Habitat for Humanity’s theology of the hammer offers hope in polarized times

By Bob Smietana — May 9, 2023
(RNS) — For nearly five decades, Habitat for Humanity has inspired people from different backgrounds — who often can’t agree on anything — to work together for their neighbors’ benefit.

How King Charles III became a royal mensch

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 9, 2023
(RNS) — Pomp and circumstance, yes, but beneath some of it a tale of moral heroism.

Kansas City prophet calls for 21-day fast and prayer for ‘salvation of Israel’

By Yonat Shimron — May 8, 2023
(RNS) — Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer Kansas City has launched a 21-day fast and prayer intended to hasten Jesus' return.

The Muslim prayer hall that may spark the next Israeli-Palestinian battle

By Daoud Kuttab — May 4, 2023
(RNS) — In Jerusalem, small frictions can escalate quickly if the causes are not addressed.

Faith leaders ask Biden to mark Mother’s Day with prayer day against gun violence

By Adelle M. Banks — May 3, 2023
(RNS) — Fellowship of Reconciliation leaders, who organized the letter, also pointed out ties that have been found between Christian nationalism and opposition to gun control legislation.

Yeshiva University spans Muslim/Jewish divide in new UAE-based conference

By Kathryn Post — May 2, 2023
(RNS) — The flagship Modern Orthodox university is joining the Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities in Dubai for the first conference of its kind.

Jews, Muslims, Sikhs get coronation role as king reaches out

By Danica Kirka — May 2, 2023
(AP) — Charles, the supreme governor of the Church of England, faces a very different country than the one that adoringly celebrated his mother’s coronation in 1953.

US giving to Israeli nonprofits – how much Jews and Christians donate and where the money goes

By Jamie Levine Daniel — May 1, 2023
(The Conversation) — Political situations in both Israel and the US could be changing prior patterns with these donations, which fund hospitals, museums and a wide array of organizations.

Iran, 27 other countries critiqued by watchdog for religious freedom violations

By Adelle M. Banks — May 1, 2023
(RNS) — The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom decried Iran’s use of violence against protesters in the wake of Mahsa Amini’s death.

Harold Kushner was America’s rabbi

By Jeffrey Salkin — May 1, 2023
(RNS) — Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote the bestselling Jewish book of all time — with the possible exception of the Bible. His gentle wisdom helped and healed millions of people.

Rabbi Harold Kushner, who wrote bestselling works of practical theology, dies at 88

By Ben Harris and Philissa Kramer — April 29, 2023
(JTA) — 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People', published in 1981, represented Kushner’s attempt to make sense of his son's suffering and eventual death.

60 years on, King’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ relevant as ever, say faith leaders

By Adelle M. Banks — April 28, 2023
(RNS) — King’s response to white clergy critics endures as a ‘road map’ for those working on justice and equal rights.

How King Charles’ coronation will be unlike any seen in England

By Catherine Pepinster — April 27, 2023
LONDON (RNS) — Charles will be crowned in an England different from that of his mother, 70 years ago, and details of the ceremony will reflect the new landscape.

Need a kosher meal? At the world’s largest furniture market, Chabad delivers

By Yonat Shimron — April 27, 2023
HIGH POINT, N.C. (RNS) — For the past 10 years, Chabad of Greensboro has been renting a showroom at the High Point Furniture Market where Jews in the furniture industry can come to rest, pray and eat homemade kosher meals while they’re in town.
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