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Farewell, Faitheist

By Chris Stedman — January 29, 2015
When I started writing this column, I set out with the goal of lifting up frequently overlooked nontheist perspectives—the atheist voices that are generally ignored by those who are only interested in narratives of conflict and certainty.
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The 10 most read ‘Faitheist’ stories of 2014

By Chris Stedman — January 1, 2015
As we begin 2015, here's a look back at the most read 'Faitheist' posts from last year—from whether or not atheists can be fundamentalists to why atheists shouldn't call religion a mental illness.

‘Year without God’ pastor: Why I’m no longer a believer

By Chris Stedman — December 29, 2014
Ryan Bell—the Christian pastor who spent 2014 living as an atheist—is ready for his big reveal. Bell tells RNS how he came to his decision and what it will mean to him and his loved ones.

The ‘War on Christmas’ is actually a war on atheist voices

By Chris Stedman — December 24, 2014
If I was basing my impression on what I see reported on by Fox News and other networks, I would not think that less than 15 percent of atheists are anti-theists. In fact, I would assume the opposite.

2014: The top stories in atheism

By Chris Stedman — December 22, 2014
From the popularity of 'Cosmos' on Fox-TV to the Roku launch of 'Atheist TV', from open atheist James Woods's inspiring congressional campaign to Richard Dawkins's less-than-inspiring tweets, atheists made headlines all year.

There’s no such thing as atheist fundamentalism

By Chris Stedman — December 19, 2014
"This nefarious use of the term reveals the charge of 'atheist fundamentalism' for what it sometimes is: A weapon to marginalize critique of religion and the religious, and to maintain a status quo in which religious viewpoints, practices, and communities are privileged over nonreligious ones."

Yes, atheists can be fundamentalists

By Chris Stedman — December 18, 2014
"Fundamentalism as an ideological category has historically been limited to religion. But as atheism grows and begins to double as a political identity for many, I propose expanding that category to include nonbelievers."

Debate: Are there really ‘fundamentalist atheists’?

By Chris Stedman — December 17, 2014
Some people argue that atheism is "the new fundamentalism." But are there really "fundamentalist atheists"? Two atheists weigh in.

Should atheists be vegetarians?

By Chris Stedman — December 12, 2014
"We know animals can suffer, have no divine reason to suppose that only our suffering matters, and we're currently inflicting constant and severe suffering to a staggering number of conscious creatures."

Is talk of privilege ‘lunacy’? On Richard Dawkins, skepticism, and certainty

By Chris Stedman — December 10, 2014
Richard Dawkins and others have already demonstrated that they're not afraid to direct their skepticism toward religious ideas. But the freethinking spirit they strive to embody and promote can't be limited to this one area.

Philip Kitcher on separating ethics from religion

By Chris Stedman — December 2, 2014
In part two of his conversation with RNS, 'Life After Faith' author Philip Kitcher explores how to disentangle ethics from religion, the connection between values and community, and why doubt is just the beginning of Humanism.

Philip Kitcher: ‘New Atheism’ hasn’t supplied anything to replace religion

By Chris Stedman — December 1, 2014
Atheist philosopher Philip Kitcher talks with RNS about his disagreements with “New Atheism,” how secular humanism is similar to religion and how it is different, and what Humanists can learn from religion.

The fight to show that Black lives matter, in Ferguson and beyond, needs atheist allies

By Chris Stedman — November 24, 2014
I know not all atheists identify as secular humanists, but for those that do—for the nonbelieving individuals and groups who, like me, contend for secular rights and ethical reasoning conducive to the wellbeing of all humans—I need you.
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