Brandeis University stands by caste-bias ban despite pushback from Hindu activists

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald — October 19, 2020

(RNS) — A year-old ban against caste bias, says the Hindu American Foundation, is a ‘deeply problematic’ remedy for a largely nonexistent problem.

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Why ‘namaste’ has become the perfect pandemic greeting

By Jeremy David Engels — October 1, 2020

(The Conversation) — As people the world over are choosing to ditch the handshakes and hugs for fear of contracting the coronavirus, namaste is becoming the perfect pandemic greeting.

Calling all women: It’s time to take our stand together against tyranny and injustice

By Faith in Public Life — September 30, 2020

(RNS) — Every holy text we follow, from the Quran, Torah and Bible to the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib, demands a moral obligation to the most marginalized people in society.

A Catholic priest takes on interfaith fight against COVID-19 in a sacred Hindu city

By Priyadarshini Sen — September 21, 2020

(RNS) — Though anchored in Christianity, Mathew draws from a broad swath of spiritual traditions to reach his fellow citizens, including Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas of cosmic consciousness.

Yoga’s ‘father in the West’ still defining our spirituality and celebrity 100 years later

By Tara Isabella Burton — September 16, 2020

(RNS) — Pioneering a vision of wellness in which spirituality and self-help converge, Yogananda created a new model for pop spirituality.

Is it time to add ‘caste’ as a category in US anti-discrimination laws?

By Joseph D'Souza — September 11, 2020

(RNS) — Kamala Harris’ rise in American politlcs makes this an opportune time to address growing caste discrimination in the United States.

More than 350 faith leaders to back Biden for president, including many first-time endorsers

By Jack Jenkins — August 27, 2020

(RNS) — ‘I think progressive Christianity is a sleeping giant,’ said the Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Pandemic reshapes worship across the UK’s many faiths

By Elizabeth Dalziel — August 13, 2020

(AP) — Rites that have been the bedrock of beliefs for centuries have evolved swiftly during the pandemic lockdown.

Kamala Harris is more than her gender and race. She is also the future of American religion.

By Yonat Shimron — August 12, 2020

(RNS) — ‘The Biden-Harris ticket looks a lot more like America’s future,’ said one demographer, ‘and the Trump-Pence ticket looks a lot more like America’s past.’

Harris’ nomination shows why representation matters, but is not enough

By Simran Jeet Singh — August 12, 2020

(RNS) — The Democratic vice presidential nominee has to show the moral courage to address her own role in perpetuating systems that drag underrepresented communities down.

Kashmir’s lockdown at one year: A region’s alienation turns to betrayal

By Riyaz Wani — August 7, 2020

(RNS) — Kashmir’s loss of autonomy has now taken on a larger figurative dimension: It is also about betrayal of trust, political disempowerment and a deep sense of humiliation.

Khyati Y. Joshi argues equal religious freedom in America is an optical illusion

By Yonat Shimron — July 16, 2020

(RNS) — In her new book, she argues Christianity, especially of the white Protestant variety, undergirds the nation’s institutions and practices and establishes a normative baseline from which all other faiths are seen as abnormal.

Campaign brewing to get Hindu god Brahma off popular beer

By William Kole — July 14, 2020

(AP) — A spokesperson for the brand said Brahma beer is a tribute to Joseph Bramah — an Englishman who invented the draft pump valve.

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