Flunking Sainthood

General Conference would be a good time for the LDS church to apologize to the Black community

By Kristin Lowe — September 28, 2020

(RNS) — ‘Racist statements and policies were once made by prophets and apostles, and we specifically need prophets and apostles to overturn them now,’ says guest columnist Kristin Lowe.

For adult Mormons, there’s more to spirituality than ‘endure to the end’

By Jana Riess — September 23, 2020

Feeling burned out? A new online course from author Thomas McConkie casts a wide net to help Latter-day Saints deepen their faith through meditation, theology and psychology.

Does serving a Mormon mission make people want to help developing countries?

By Jana Riess — September 21, 2020

(RNS) — Does serving a Mormon mission to a place like Africa make someone more supportive of global development? Yes … and no.

Donald Trump’s twisted interpretation of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ is killing Americans

By Jana Riess — September 18, 2020

Norman Vincent Peale’s classic hasn’t aged particularly well, but it deserves to be remembered more fondly than Trump’s denial of reality ensures it will be.

How fundamentalist Mormons recovered after the trauma of Warren Jeffs

By Jana Riess — September 16, 2020

(RNS) — As the polygamist sect’s members and ex-members recover from the trauma inflicted by Warren Jeffs, an excellent new podcast goes behind the scenes to document the FLDS community’s transformation.

Biden campaign targets Mormons, evangelicals

By Jana Riess — September 10, 2020

(RNS) — In 2016, 81% of white evangelicals supported Donald Trump, as did 61% of Mormons. The Biden campaign is making a direct appeal to some of these voters.

Controversial Mormon book pulled from publication

By Jana Riess — September 8, 2020

(RN) — Last month, the BYU Religious Studies Center halted publication of ‘Saving Faith’ because of author John Gee’s statements about homosexuality and child sexual abuse. But the book’s problems run even deeper.

The problems with ‘Latter-day Saints for Trump’

By Jana Riess — August 31, 2020

What Mormons do in this election matters – not only politically, in swing states such as Arizona, but in terms of the church’s own reputation and even its missionary efforts.

I’m loving the LDS Church’s new online temple prayer roll system

By Jana Riess — August 26, 2020

If Mormons are a people who believe that the “true order of prayer” is what exists in the temple, it makes sense for that blessing to be offered to every member of the church, no matter where they live.

On the ground in Cedar Rapids, love and disaster meet

By Jana Riess — August 24, 2020

(RNS) — Apart from the damage itself, what brought me to tears several times were the many instances of Iowans working together. There was a remarkable spirit of resilience.

Chad Daybell’s strange end-times beliefs are not Mormon theology, says historian

By Jana Riess — August 18, 2020

(RNS) — ‘This is a different theology than we have seen before in Mormon circles,’ a historian says about Chad Daybell’s violent ideas about the end of the world.

Changing Mormon beliefs about — and preparations for — the end of the world

By Jana Riess — August 17, 2020

Mormons used to routinely predict not only the end of the world but particularly the downfall of America. What changed? Scholar Christopher Blythe explains.

A prominent Mormon therapist apologized for anti-LGBT activism. What’s the next step?

By Jana Riess — August 7, 2020

Guest columnist Dr. Tyler Lefevor applauds the recent apology from LDS therapist Allen Bergin, who was a prominent figure in the church’s decades-long fight against homosexuality.

Pastors and residents urge Cincinnati to drop charges against 500+ Black Lives Matter protesters

By Jana Riess — July 31, 2020

During the protests over George Floyd’s death, more than 500 Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested in Cincinnati and excessively charged with misconduct, some pastors and other residents say.

Can a forgotten Mormon leader teach us something about Donald Trump today?

By Jana Riess — July 28, 2020

In the 19th century, rival Mormon prophet James Strang manufactured public opinion, manipulated narratives, and offered his downtrodden followers a sense of purpose. Historian Benjamin Park says this sounds like someone we know today.

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