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Spiritual Politics


By Mark Silk — December 30, 2007

The New York Times‘ estimable David Kirkpatrick has a good piece in today’s Week in Review on Huckabee and the putative collapse of the Reagan coalition of social conservatives, economic conservatives, and defense, ah, conservatives. Ed Rollins, the old GOP hand now managing Huck’s campaign, pronounced it dead, claiming that the “key” is a “whole […]

Romney and the Faith Factor

By johngreen — December 27, 2007

Looking back at year’s end on Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech, I see it as a touchstone for the new role of religion in contemporary American politics. The speech contained three major messages that indicate how much more complex faith-based politics have become since John F. Kennedy’s speech to the Houston Ministerial Association in […]

Sadder but Wiser

By Mark Silk — December 26, 2007

Check out these confessions of a Christian conservative. How many are in this kind of recovery remains to be seen, but I have the feeling that the numbers are not tiny. Add to Favorite Articles


By Mark Silk — December 24, 2007

From this Dallas Morning News piece, it looks like Huck is doing quite well, thank you, working around the lukewarmness of many of the Religious Right’s Big Dogs. Add to Favorite Articles

Huck Angers Catholics

By rvineis — December 23, 2007

Reuters’ Jim Forsyth has this story on how Mike Huckabee’s appearance at a controversial church might anger some Catholic voters. The anger surrounds the church’s pastor John Hagee. “Hagee has a history of denigrating the Catholic religion,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, the largest Catholic civil rights group in the United States. […]

Obama: I’m not a Muslim

By rvineis — December 23, 2007

Barack Obama clarified his faith Sunday telling voters in Iowa that although his father lived in a “Muslim dominated village in Kenya” he “didn’t practice Islam.” Add to Favorite Articles


By Mark Silk — December 23, 2007

I was just watching the hour-long interview with Obama conducted last October by editorial board of the Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph, which endorsed Obama today. About eight minutes from the end, the candidate is asked whether his faith has ever come into conflict with policy positions he has taken. His answer is no, though it he […]

Pennies from Heaven

By Mark Silk — December 23, 2007

This story by Politico’s Kenneth Vogel on clergy political contributions testifies to the new faith-based appeal of Democratic candidates. The raw numbers don’t mean much; clergy don’t have much to give. What’s most significant is that whereas four years ago religious professionals were giving the GOP 59 percent of their campaign contributions, they’re now giving […]

Dallas Goes Against the Establishments

By Mark Silk — December 23, 2007

The Dallas Morning News endorses Huckabee and Obama. When the biggest journalistic voice in Texas decides it’s time for both parties to turn the page, it’s worth taking note. On Huck’s religion the money quote is: His religious conservatism, particularly his past rhetoric on women and gays, can be alarming. But religious conservatives aren’t easily […]


By Mark Silk — December 23, 2007

A few days ago, Mike Huckabee told David Brody, There is a level of elitism that has existed, the chattering class if you will who lives in that corridor between Washington and Wall Street and they sort of live in their protected world, and frankly for a number of years many of them thought of […]

Blair Converts to Catholicism

By rvineis — December 22, 2007

Across the pond, former PM Tony Blair officially converted to Catholicism on Friday. Blair had been a member of the Church of England during his years on Downing Street. He “told the BBC this year that he had avoided talking about his religious views while in office for about 10 years for fear of being […]

Video: Christmas Campaign Ads

By rvineis — December 22, 2007

As both Christmas and the primaries near, the candidates are each crafting their own holiday messages to the voters. Mike Huckabee caused quite a stir with his “What Really Matters”, floating cross video. However, the other campaigns’ ads are not to be ignored for the way they choose to integrate Christmas with politics. Here are […]

Faith In America’s Voters

By rvineis — December 22, 2007

The Weekly Standard‘s Christopher Caldwell tells the readers of the Financial Times here why he believes religion appears to matter more in this race than before. Add to Favorite Articles


By Mark Silk — December 22, 2007

Does the discovery that Mitt Romney only metaphorically “saw” his father march with Martin Luther King, Jr.–and that George Romney maybe only “marched” with King–give the lie to Mitt’s whole account of his feelings about the LDS Church’s 1978 change of position on admission of blacks to full membership in the church? As someone who […]


By Mark Silk — December 21, 2007

Turns out CBN’s national political correspondent has a sense of humor. Add to Favorite Articles

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