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Read it, James Dobson, and Weep

By Mark Silk — August 6, 2008
According to the latest Time poll, 40 percent of Americans rate “so-called ‘values issues,’ such as abortion and gay marriage” as “extremely” or “very” important in voting for president. As opposed to 95 percent for the nation’s economy, 85 percent for Iraq, 79 percent for terrorism, 78 percent for health care, 76 percent for gas […]

Obama’s ex-Muslim

By Mark Silk — August 6, 2008
WSJ’s got the story on the resignation of Mazen Asbahi as Obama’s coordinator for Muslims and Arab-Americans. The problem? In 2000, Mr. Asbahi briefly served on the board of Allied Assets Advisors Fund, a Delaware-registered trust. Its other board members at the time included Jamal Said, the imam at a fundamentalist-controlled mosque in Illinois. “I […]


By Mark Silk — August 6, 2008
OK, it’s old news, but since Ted Olson over at Christianity Today‘s political blog wants to keep up the chatter about the McCain campaign’s “He is the One” videoswipe at Obama, here’s my two cents. Yes, the Matrix reference and the opening do suggest messiahship, and since the ad is anti-Obama, it can be interpreted […]

Galatians 6:7

By Mark Silk — August 5, 2008
A few days ago, the Washington Times took out after white evangelicals for “old-fashioned bigotry” in opposing Mitt Romney as John McCain’s running mate. White evangelicals need a history lesson. Protestants began to flee religious persecution in England in droves in the 16th and 17th centuries; they were especially victimized by the provision that there […]

Real Christian

By Mark Silk — August 5, 2008
The Chicago Sun-Times‘ Cathleen Falsani, who’s covered the Obama religion beat more thoroughly than anyone, responds to Cal Thomas’ two-month-old argument (based on comments by Obama in an interview with Falsani) that Obama is not a true Christian. Yes he is, Falsani says. This is the kind of debate that will make most Americans squeamish, […]

Obama’s Muslim

By Mark Silk — August 5, 2008
The Obama campaign has appointed its national coordinator for Muslim affairs and it’s not (as originally reported) Hiam Nawas, but a Chicago lawyer named Mazen Asbahi. Asbahi graduated from Northwestern Law School a dozen years ago, and has acquired his legal chops at some of the toniest law firms in the Second City. He’s also […]

Lambeth 2008

By Mark Silk — August 4, 2008
From the fourth draft of the Anglican bishops’ Reflections: 103. The ordination of an openly partnered homosexual bishop and the open blessing of same sex relationships has had many negative results including:…In some places the church is ridiculed as the “gay church”, so membership is lost. As in “despised and rejected of men”? Add to […]

Quinnipiac Notes

By Mark Silk — August 4, 2008
Last week’s Quinnipiac survey of Floridians, Ohians, and Pennsylvanians, provides some confirmation of my hypothesis that evangelicals may be dividing along regional lines. In Florida, McCain runs ahead of Obama by the usual GOP margin of three-to-one (71 percent to 23 percent), whereas in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the margins are only two-to-one (62-31 and 60-32 […]

The Romney Perplex

By Mark Silk — August 4, 2008
I’m still catching up from last week, and in the process this piece by the Washington Times‘ Ralph Z. Hallow caught my eye. The questions it raises have to do with the extent of evangelical antipathy to Mitt Romney, and the degree to which it is based on anti-Mormonism or concerns about Romney’s less than […]

The Late Great

By Mark Silk — August 3, 2008
Hal Lindsey, whose The Late Great Planet Earth was the premillennialist tract for the Jesus Freak generation, is still selling his premil patent medicine, and not very surprisingly the latest Sign of the Times is Barack Obama. Obama’s not the Antichrist, according to Lindsey, but rather a sort of harbinger, maybe an antichristical John the […]

God Gap in MO

By Mark Silk — August 2, 2008
Latest from SUSA on Missouri: Regular attenders for McCain, 60-35. Occasionals for Obama, 57-35. Almost Nevers for Obama, 56-38. Since 55 percent of Show Me Staters claim to be regular attenders, that translates into a McCain lead of 49-44. Add to Favorite Articles

Interfaith 2008

By Mark Silk — August 1, 2008
Note how the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches doesn’t even make it into the top of the press release. O how the mighty have fallen. Add to Favorite Articles

John McCain, wafer warrior

By Mark Silk — August 1, 2008
David Gibson’s speculation on John McCain’s meeting with Denver archbishop Charles Chaput is worth a ponder. McCain may have his problems with evangelicals, but not conservative Catholics have, so far as I’ve seen, so much as cocked a snoot at him. To the contrary, they seem unfazed by his less than orthodox positions on stem […]

Mutual Admiration

By Mark Silk — August 1, 2008
Tom Perriello, the “common good” Catholic running for Congress in Virginia 5, succeeded in picking up one of the handful of endorsements that J Street is handing out in its maiden run. In response, Perriello made with the right phrase when dealing with a progressive Jewish endorsement: As a national security consultant with experience in […]

What about J.C.?

By Mark Silk — August 1, 2008
Catching up a little but on the week’s news, I note that Brody’s hawked his Lieberman interview in a series of posts. In one, Connecticut’s junior senator, in the course of defending his “dear friend” Pastor Hagee’s Holocaust remarks (and I’m not going to criticize the defense), rather astonishingly declares: I don’t agree with everything […]
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