Values Voting

By Mark Silk — April 17, 2008

The exchange between Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and the Faith and Public Life folks over last Sunday’s Compassion Forum is worth looking at for anyone interested in the ongoing saga of evangelicals in politics. Perkins’ characterization of the of the event’s board as “radical,” his apparently false claim that the FRC was […]

Too much going on

By Mark Silk — April 16, 2008

See Brody for squabbling between the Dobson wing of engaged evangelicalism and the Compassion Forum wing. See Beth Fouhy’s AP story on Obama’s efforts to reassure Jewish leaders on Wright and his support for Israel. Add to Favorite Articles

Pope In the House

By rvineis — April 16, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI visited the White House today. On 81st birthday, His Holiness with was regaled with “Happy Birthday” by an enthusiastic crowd. President Bush welcomed the Pope to an America where “hearts are open to your message of hope.” His Holiness reciprocated the warm greeting and praised the United States for its rich history […]

Muslim Supers for Obama

By Mark Silk — April 16, 2008

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that fledgling Indiana Rep. Andre Carson will be throwing his superdelegate support to Barack Obama today. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn) has already done so. That means Obama has garnered the backing of the entire congressional Muslim caucus–a fact the Obama campaign may or may not highlight. Does anyone know if […]

Declaration of Huckapendence

By Mark Silk — April 16, 2008

The second coming of Mike Huckabee this campaign cycle is now revealed to be a GOP political action committee, dedicated to (drumroll): “Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness.” Huck PAC’s first featured supportee is the nondescript congressman from the eastern Atlanta suburbs, John Linder. That’s more of a whimper than a bang, but then so is […]

To focus or not to focus…

By Mark Silk — April 16, 2008

How did Barack Obama’s speech on race affect how white people in upcoming Democratic primaries view him? It depends on which primary. Today’s Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll asked the following question of Democratic primary voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina: As you may know, Barack Obama made a speech on the subject of race […]

Go Figure

By Mark Silk — April 16, 2008

According to today’s Washington Post-ABC News poll, 62 percent of American Catholics think the Catholic church is out of touch “with the views of Catholics in America today.” That’s the same number as expressed that view back in October of 2003, in the midst of the pedophile coverup crisis. Then, 64 percent of American Catholics […]

The Clingons

By Mark Silk — April 15, 2008

OK, the polls suggest that Bittergate is not registering much if at all with Democratic primary voters in Pennsylvania, and everybody in the blogosphere is probably sick unto death with the interminable parsing, but I will indulge myself in one more close reading of the text in question, courtesy of Colin McEnroe’s useful reprinting of […]

We Can Too

By rvineis — April 15, 2008

As WaPo’s Michael Abramowitz reports, prominent Jewish liberals are coalescing in order to fight AIPAC. This new group is starting a political action committee of their own aimed at breaking conservatives’ and evangelicals’ hold on U.S. policy toward Israel. The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) that has dominated the pro-Israel agenda will now be […]

Oh, that Catholic Vote

By Mark Silk — April 15, 2008

The pope’s coming to town, so it’s a good time to ponder whither the Catholic vote this primary season. Newsday has a story on Obama’s troubles with Catholics, wherein your correspondent is quoted as a lonely voice suggesting (again, for readers of this blog) that there’s less there than meets the eye. The big piece […]

Polished on the Mountain

By rvineis — April 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton has a new ad out today in North Carolina. The commercial features a supporter, Jewel Hodges, speaking eloquently on why she supports Senator Clinton. The endorsement seems very reminiscent of John Winthrop’s “City on a Hill” speech from 1630. Add to Favorite Articles

Religion, McCain Style

By rvineis — April 14, 2008

Andrea Billups of the Washington Times has jumped on the story about John McCain’s reserved discussion of religion. As Billups and others explain, McCain remains mum on his faith other than a few brief mentions of how it has sustained him in difficult times. The more interesting issue at hand is whether this foreshadows a […]

Catholic Voters and the Papal Visit

By richardwood — April 14, 2008

The current New York Times series on Pope Benedict XVI provides excellent insight into the dynamics behind the pope’s visit. The April 13 article portrays the complexity of this Pope’s views on social issues; today’s article (April 14) considers the struggles of lay Catholics as their parishes face closures. But for those interested in religion […]

Compassion Forum Transcripts

By Mark Silk — April 14, 2008

Clinton Obama Add to Favorite Articles

Pretty Good

By Mark Silk — April 14, 2008

From the Obama peroration: What I believe is that all of us come to the public square with our own values and our ideals and our ethics, what we believe. And people of religious faith have the same right to come to that public square with values and ideals that are rooted in their faith. […]

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