Video: Huckabee Mega-Church Rally

By rvineis — December 10, 2007

If you want to see what is driving Huck’s success among evangelicals, watch this video of a Texas mega church pastor telling his congregation to support Mike. Fast forward to about 3 min to see the endorsement. The video is part of a series of pieces on the Governor for Newsweek’s latest issue: “Holy Huckabee!” […]

This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s GOP

By rvineis — December 10, 2007

This piece seems to echo what Mark was saying about a seperation between Republican pundits and Republican people. John Heilemann of the New Yorker explores why Romney has faced such challenges and how this represents a change from old school(beltway) Republicans and a new direction coming from the heartland. Money quote: “In the past, of […]

Standard Humor!

By Mark Silk — December 10, 2007

What I love about other religious traditions, memo to Mitt. Add to Favorite Articles

Authentic Christian

By Mark Silk — December 10, 2007

Two new Huckabee spots end with the words “Authentic Conservative” in place of the earlier “Christian Leader.” Evidently too much negative press, too many questions about evolution and Jews getting into heaven… Add to Favorite Articles


By Mark Silk — December 10, 2007

After contemplating Reid’s round-up and hearing the Monday morning summaries of political news, I find myself concluding that Beltway pundits have decided that it’s time to get on the Romney horse. They seem to have figured out that Giuliani is a dead man walking, what between Kerik and Shaggate and all the social-issues apostasy. Huckabee […]

Romney Reactions

By rvineis — December 9, 2007

It seems that reactions to Mitt Romney’s speech seem to fall into three categories. The first is positive. It comes from inside the beltway or Mormon circles; the speech was a hit. The second are the mixed results coming from the heartland; the speech will do little to sway evangelical voters. And the third, from […]

Romney React

By Mark Silk — December 9, 2007

I hope we’ll be able to provide you with a survey of reactions to the Romney speech shortly. In the meantime, my initial impression is that there’s been something of a Rashomon effect–everybody’s seizing on something different, according to their lights. Nothing very surprising in this, since the speech had something for just about everybody, […]

The New England Way

By Mark Silk — December 8, 2007

Anyone who wants to understand what makes religion in public life different in New England should take a look at this article in today’s Hartford Courant. The Connecticut Valley Atheists erect a sign (with official permission) in Rockville’s Central Park with a picture of the Twin Towers and a quote from Lennon’s “Imagine”–to wit, “Imagine […]


By Mark Silk — December 8, 2007

Check out Newsweek‘s latest Iowa poll. Golly. Looks like the Mittster should have struck while his iron was hot. Ambinder thinks this could actually be good news for Romney because it depresses expectations, makes Iowa Huck’s to lose. I suspect such logic is cold comfort in the Romney camp today. Add to Favorite Articles

Shocked, Shocked

By Mark Silk — December 8, 2007

Just before Romney’s speech, Ralph Reed told Anderson Cooper: And I think what we need to do is, we need to stop doing doctrinal frisks of presidential candidates and theological G.I. tract exams, and let’s do something that’s more mainstream and — and, frankly, more in line with our traditions, which is, let’s ask them […]

From Jan Shipps

By Mark Silk — December 7, 2007

Jan is still learning how to use the technology, so I’m posting this for her. MS To great hoopla, Governor Mitt Romney gave an address about “Faith in America” on Thursday (December 6, 2007). What he said was designed to deal with what has become a contentious issue, particularly in Iowa: his Mormon faith. Following […]

Reacting at Trinity

By Mark Silk — December 7, 2007

The Hartford Courant‘s story on the speech used my class’s reaction as the frame. Buck did a nice job, though I would have liked to see more of the students, less of me. Romney did come off poorly in comparison to JFK–but since most people will only see, at most, Romney sound bites, I suspect […]

The Speech

By Mark Silk — December 6, 2007

It’s been a long day of talking and thinking about Mitt Does Houston. As it happened, the speech took place at 10:30–in the middle of the last class of my Religion and the Media course. So I threw out the plan and showed the class the video of the Kennedy speech, and then we watched […]

The Speech

By rvineis — December 6, 2007

Mitt Romney delivered his “Faith in America” speech at 10:30 this morning. Here is the video Add to Favorite Articles

JFK’s Speech, In Case You Forgot…

By rvineis — December 5, 2007

On the eve of Romney’s big speech the world is waiting with bated breath. How will it compare to Kennedy’s 1960 address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on the role of Catholicism? To help you analyze how well Governor Romney did or didn’t mirror Kennedy here is the full transcript of Kennedy’s speech. And […]

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