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Touched by grace: The story of Mister Rogers and journalist Tom Junod

By Jonathan Woodward — November 22, 2019
After journalist Tom Junod was assigned to write a profile for Esquire magazine on beloved children’s television icon Fred Rogers, the two became close friends. That friendship is the subject of a new movie about the remarkable inner journey Junod made as a result of the unexpected pairing. The film, “A Beautiful Day In The […]

Service, change & reform in the Vatican

By jonathan.woodward — November 10, 2019
The Beliefs guest this week is Austen Ivereigh, who joins discuss his second book on Pope Francis. The book is entitled, “Wounded Shepherd: Pope Francis and His Struggle to Convert the Catholic Church.” Struggling with broad respect and popularity, but also deep institutional suspicion, Pope Francis enjoys adoration and resistance in equal measure. Ivereigh’s book […]

Pulling the threads on evolving religion and millennial flight

By Emily Churchill — November 3, 2019
  Much has been made of the increasing number of people who don’t identify with an organized religion, and with millennial flight from religion. But what’s behind these numbers? To explore the dimensions of these changes, Religion News Service reporter Emily McFarlan Miller joins Beliefs producer Jay Woodward.

Reshaping trauma: Tree of Life anniversary with Naz Georgas & Rabbi Josh Stanton

By jonathan.woodward — October 27, 2019
The Beliefs guests this week are Naz Georgas, Executive Director of Cordoba House, and Rabbi Josh Stanton of East End Temple in New York. These two faith leaders have forged a unique bond and faith partnership of shared values, convictions, and commitment to empathetic compassion.   Beliefs producer Jay Woodward met with them at East End […]

Tracking the trends in religiosity in modern American life

By jonathan.woodward — October 20, 2019
By all accounts, the trends are clear: religion is in decline in modern American society. The rise in the number of people who declare themselves as unaffiliated to a religious community, or self-identify as belonging to no religion at all, is reinforced with each passing poll. Joining Beliefs this week to discuss belief in America […]

Pot-banging the Curia: The early ideas of Bergoglio with Fr. Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.

By jonathan.woodward — October 13, 2019
Pope Francis guides the practice, dreams, and consciences of over 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. Beliefs’ guest this week, Father Patrick Ryan, S.J., has written the foreword to the book, “In Your Eyes I See My Words.” This book captures the official homilies of Jorge Bergoglio from his days in Buenos Aires. Father Ryan joins Beliefs […]

Exploring the burden of freedom with James K. A. Smith

By jonathan.woodward — October 6, 2019
Liberty and freedom are woven into a modern story of the human experience. But is liberty a good ingredient for happiness? Our guest is a philosopher, professor and author of the recently published book, “On The Road with Saint Augustine: A Real World Spirituality for Restless Hearts.”  James K. A. Smith spoke to Beliefs about […]

Bishop Nicolas Djomo of the Democratic Republic of Congo

By jonathan.woodward — September 29, 2019
The Democratic Republic of Congo is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa. The area has struggled with outbreaks of both Ebola and measles. The province of Kivu has seen broad conflict, as well as the UN’s largest and most expensive peacekeeping mission, which has been in operation since 2010.  When government and social systems fail, it […]

A volunteer chaplain at Planned Parenthood

By jonathan.woodward — September 22, 2019
The Beliefs guest this week serves as a volunteer chaplain at a reproductive health clinic. Scholar, activist and Presbyterian minister Reverend Marvin Ellison is professor emeritus in Christian Ethics at Bangor Theological Seminary.  He has spent a career working for a more nuanced understanding of the power of human reproduction.   Beliefs producer Jay Woodward met with Rev. Ellison at his […]

Drawing millennials to faith: Naomi Schaefer Riley

By jonathan.woodward — September 15, 2019
Naomi Schaefer Riley is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute focusing on issues regarding child welfare. She is also as a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, and writes about parenting, higher education, religion, philanthropy and culture.   This week for Beliefs, Bill Baker met with Schaefer Riley to look back at […]

Debate prep 2020: RNS’ Jack Jenkins on faith and politics

By jonathan.woodward — September 8, 2019
The third round of Democratic party debates shrinks the field of candidates down to ten. To break down the influence of faith and religion on the debates, the Belief team this week speaks with RNS reporter Jack Jenkins about what voters of faith are seeking in their candidates, and what candidates are trying to say […]

Introducing RNS’ new national reporter, Alejandra Molina

By jonathan.woodward — September 1, 2019
A new national reporter, Alejandra Molina, is joining the newsroom at RNS. Molina will be reporting on Latinx religion in the U.S. and will be based in Los Angeles.  Molina most recently served as Journalist in Residence at the University of Southern California and as Equitable Cities Fellow at Next City. In 2018, she was […]

Achieving discomfort: An interfaith agenda of change and disruption

By Jonathan Woodward — August 26, 2019
 Tahil Sharma is an interfaith activist based in Los Angeles who was born to a Hindu father and a Sikh mother. He currently serves as one of three Interfaith Ministers in Residence for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and is a member of the NextGen Task Force for the Parliament of the World’s […]

Discovering common humanity

By Jonathan Woodward — August 18, 2019
L’Arche: a community in service of the value of every human and the profound significance of respect. The Beliefs podcast guest this week is Mary McDougall, Spiritual Life Coordinator for L’Arche Community in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. L’Arche is an intentional community that develops homes, programs, and support networks with people who have intellectual disabilities. 

Grave legacy: Abduction, slavery & faith

By Jonathan Woodward — August 11, 2019
Our guest on Beliefs podcast this week is Adelle Banks, a national reporter for Religion News Service. Her recent series of articles on slavery and religion was published as Americans commemorate the 400th anniversary of the forced arrival of enslaved Africans in Virginia. Banks joined Beliefs producer Jay Woodward from her home in Maryland. 
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