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God & country: The Rev. Angela Denker, reporter & author

By Jonathan Woodward — August 4, 2019
The Rev. Angela Denker is a sportswriter-turned-Lutheran pastor, writer, and speaker. She is a contributor to various publications, including Religion News Service, The Washington Post, and Sports Illustrated. Denker is also the author of the forthcoming book, “Red State Christians: Meet the Voters who elected Donald Trump,” which is available August 6, 2019, from Fortress […]

A celebrant of atheism and humanism: Susan Jacoby

By Jonathan Woodward — July 28, 2019
“When I say I don’t believe in God… I don’t mean that that is written on my pillow, and that’s the first thing I say when I look in the mirror in the morning. I mean that you can’t prove a negative like that.  I never go around and do debates with people about the […]

From privilege to prison: A journey into faith

By Jonathan Woodward — July 21, 2019
“What’s very clear to me is that this was a rescue operation by God. It was a rescue operation because I was not going to be able to save myself. I dug myself, effectively, into a pit. What happened early on in my prosecution was, I had a decision to make, and that decision involved […]

Beliefs review: Religion and social justice

By Jonathan Woodward — July 7, 2019
“I think the most perverse phrase in the Bible [is], “Am I my brother’s keeper? Am I my sister’s keeper?” With the implication that we’re not attached to each other; we have no communal attachments. I want to say: we do. They exist across our town lines, they exist across our national lines, they exist […]

An archbishop committed to liberation, peace, and justice: Remembering Raymond Hunthausen

By Jonathan Woodward — June 30, 2019
“Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen was a religious prophetic leader. He spoke to major issues that were enormously significant in the ‘70’s and ’80’s, and remain so today.  War and peace, issues in society, immigrants trying to get into this country fleeing violence in Central America… Challenging sexism, racism, militarism, classism, but doing it in a way […]

God bless America: The theology of the Fourth of July

By Jonathan Woodward — June 23, 2019
“The most important sentence is probably the one that says, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.’ So, that idea that all men have certain unalienable rights that came from their Creator – God – is what I […]

Equal or complementary? Gender roles in faith traditions

By Jonathan Woodward — June 16, 2019
“While the Baptist faith and message says that, ‘The office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by scripture,’ there are many who call themselves ‘complementarians’ who are more flexible when it comes to women teaching men, or even preaching.” – Emily McFarlan Miller   An old debate about complementarianism resurfaced around this year’s […]

What’s so funny about religion, anyways? ‘Prophet Sharing’ with Ashley Blaker and Imran Yusuf

By Jonathan Woodward — June 9, 2019
“Considering how conflicted the world appears, also pay attention to people like myself and Ashley who want to build bridges… go out and engage with somebody you don’t know. If you don’t know any Jewish people, if you don’t know any Muslim people, go out and engage with a Muslim or a Jew… “ Imran […]

LGBT Catholics: Inclusivity in the Catholic Church with Fr. James Martin SJ

By Jonathan Woodward — June 2, 2019
“Treating LGBT people with respect, compassion, and sensitivity is much more than just looking at same-sex marriage and same-sex relations, because they’re more than just their sexual lives, just as straight people are. We would never focus completely on chastity or something like that with straight people – or even, say, straight young people. But […]

Breaking fast and drawing together: The iftar at Ramadan with Hussein Rashid

By Jonathan Woodward — May 26, 2019
The holy month of Ramadan is marked by a well-known 30-day fast from sunup to sundown. When the sun goes down, the fast is traditionally broken with water and three dates. To unpack some deeper meaning behind this rigorous and difficult ritual fast, Beliefs producer Jonathan Woodward sat with Dr. Hussein Rashid, Islamic scholar and […]

The simplicity, humanity, and community imperatives of Quaker faith

By Jonathan Woodward — May 19, 2019
“I belong to a tradition that really emphasizes finding God in community, and in listening deeply within for the inner light; the inner teacher.” Eileen Flanagan This week brings us to a relatively young faith – a faith that grew out of the explosive mid-17th century English Civil War. Profound dissatisfaction with the barriers between […]

Contemplating the loss of Rachel Held Evans

By Jonathan Woodward — May 12, 2019
The past week began with a tremendous loss. The funny, generous, and spirited Rachel Held Evans passed at the heartbreaking age of 37. Held Evans was an influential Christian author and speaker who challenged traditional thinking in evangelical spaces. Today on Beliefs we’re listening to stories about her influence, her magic, and her impact on […]

Religion journalism into the future: Tom Gallagher and global faith reporting

By Jonathan Woodward — May 4, 2019
Our guest is Tom Gallagher, Publisher & CEO of Religion News Service – and the Beliefs Podcast. This week Religion News Service announced a partnership with the Associated Press and The Conversation U.S. Their mission is to create a joint global religion news desk. Tom joined Dr. Baker to discuss the effort and what it […]

Christianity in China: Five generations of worship and struggle

By Jonathan Woodward — April 28, 2019
“Shanghai Faithful” by Jennifer Lin is a chronicling of the emergence of her family’s Christian identity in post-revolutionary China. Five generations of the Lin family worship and pray through a remarkable change in the world’s most populous nation.

Bergoglio to Francis: The election of a pope with author Gerard O’Connell

By Jonathan Woodward — April 21, 2019
A book coming out this month takes us through the play-by-play of the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy. Upon election, he became the first Latin American pope, the first Jesuit pope, and the first pope to choose the name Francis. America Media’s Vatican Correspondent Gerard O’Connell is Dr. Baker’s guest. O’Connell speaks […]
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