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Saved by the City

Rethinking Our Drinking + Sarah Bessey

By Roxanne Stone — March 23, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy examine their relationships with alcohol and are joined by Sarah Bessey, a self-described 'evangelist' for the sober life.

Faith After Gothard + Jinger Duggar Vuolo

By Roxanne Stone — March 16, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy are back for a new season of Saved By the City and are joined by guest Jinger Duggar Vuolo, of TLC's longrunning '19 Kids and Counting.'

Why ‘Interfaith’ Isn’t a Dirty Word + Simran Jeet Singh

By Roxanne Stone — December 22, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy discuss the ways New York City has exposed us to the beauty and wisdom of other religions, while introducing us to the importance of interfaith work in an increasingly pluralistic society.

2022 in Review: Books! TV! Friendship! Dates! Weird Subway Stuff! + New Year’s Goals

By Roxanne Stone — December 15, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy reflect on the year that was 2022 (better than 2020!) and share some highlights and lowlights.

We’re OVER the Pastor Power Plays + Diane Langberg

By Roxanne Stone — December 8, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy address some of the difficulties of identifying spiritual abuse and are joined by veteran psychologist and religious trauma expert Diane Langberg.

You Asked. We Answered. (Now We Have a Vulnerability Hangover)

By Roxanne Stone — December 1, 2022
We took to social media to seek your 'ask me anything' — AMA — style questions. And we totally go there.

Why ‘She Said’ Is a Must-See + Alissa Wilkinson and Christine Emba

By Roxanne Stone — November 24, 2022
Roxy and Katelyn nerd out on the exceptional journalism represented in the film 'She Said'. Christine Emba and Alissa Wilkinson join to talk about the women who came together to expose Harvey Weinstein's predation.

The Midterms and the Myth of the Unmarried Woman + Karen Gonzalez on Immigration

By Roxanne Stone — November 17, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy dive into some research on the state of unmarried women and the church. Plus, guest Karen González on moving beyond welcoming immigrants to relationships of mutuality.

The 7 Worst Things to Tell Your Single Friends

By Roxanne Stone — November 10, 2022
On this episode, Katelyn and Roxy bring you ... "How to Lose Your Single Friends in 10 Words (Or Less)."

We Thought We’d Be Moms. What We Think Now. + Erin S. Lane

By Roxanne Stone — November 3, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy grapple with their own winding paths to life without kids. Erin S. Lane joins to challenge the default scripts of motherhood so often handed to women by society — and churches!

Is My Church a Cult? & Other Spooky Questions + Sam Kestenbaum

By Roxanne Stone — October 26, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by religion reporter Sam Kestenbaum to talk vampires, QAnon devotees, and groups with cult-y vibes (including maybe ... some of the churches we've attended).

How Christian Nationalism Became a Main Character in the Midterms + Jack Jenkins

By Roxanne Stone — October 19, 2022
In this special episode, Roxy talks with RNS religion and politics correspondent Jack Jenkins about why Christian nationalism is playing such an outsized role in American politics right now.

Men and Women Can Be Friends! Kinda. Sorta. Maybe. Depends.

By Jonathan Woodward — October 11, 2022
In this episode, Katelyn and Roxy discuss their own friendships with men: when and how they've worked — and why they sometimes haven't.

My Utmost Anxiety for His Highest + Charles Marsh

By Jonathan Woodward — October 5, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by author Charles Marsh as they reflect on the amped up, high stakes nature of an evangelical upbringing.

Why Are Christians Soooo Serious? + Annie F. Downs

By Jonathan Woodward — September 27, 2022
Self-appointed 'fun coach' Annie F. Downs joins Katelyn and Roxy to go deep on being lighthearted. Plus: speed dating!
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