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Saved by the City

‘My race and gender are not obstacles. They’re gifts.’ + Nikki Toyama-Szeto

By Roxanne Stone — June 1, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy talk with Nikki Toyama-Szeto about how she's learned to lead authentically from both her race and gender. She also shares her family's story as survivors of Japanese internment camps.

When Did Being Good Get So Dang Hard? + Sandra Maria Van Opstal

By Roxanne Stone — May 25, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy talk with Sandra Maria Van Opstal about how to pursue a lifestyle of justice without losing your sanity. 

Don’t Tell Us CRT Is the Problem + Jemar Tisby

By Jonathan Woodward — May 18, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy sit down with historian Jemar Tisby to discuss the hysteria over critical race theory and why racial progress always incites backlash.

From Hymns to Hillsong and Back Again + Leah Payne & David Gungor

By Jonathan Woodward — May 11, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy talk with theologian and CCM guru, Leah Payne, about the evolving industry and how worship music became big business.

Why Deconstruction Isn’t Enough + Candice Marie Benbow

By Jonathan Woodward — May 4, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy talk with author and theologian Candice Marie Benbow who has some strong words of wisdom — and conviction — for anyone publicly critiquing the church.

Hillsong and the Scourge of the V-Necked Pastor

By Roxanne Stone — April 27, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy break down the Hillsong breakdown — and explore some of the systemic issues that have seemed to haunt the church from the beginning.

How to Live Like an Actual Human + Andy Crouch

By Jonathan Woodward — April 20, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Andy Crouch as they take an honest look at the ways life has begun to feel diminished — even as our devices offer more and more.

We’re Jaded on Romance… But Should We Be? + Faitth Brooks

By Jonathan Woodward — April 13, 2022
We've spent most of our adulthood single and, truth is, we're kinda settling in. Is it worth holding space for the possibility of love? Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Faitth Brooks who gives us a glimpse into her pandemic rom-com.

God Is Not Your Sky Daddy. +Krispin Mayfield

By Jonathan Woodward — April 6, 2022
Where do our ideas about God come from? In this episode, Krispin Mayfield explains how our attachment styles can inform our view of God and, consequently, our relationship with God. 

We Ditched Purity Culture. But What’s Next? +Christine Emba

By Jonathan Woodward — March 30, 2022
Modern ideas of liberated sex often seem just as damaging as restrictive purity codes.

We Worked at Christianity Today. And We Have Thoughts About the New Report.

By Jonathan Woodward — March 23, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy react to the report of sexual harassment at CT and reflect on their experiences working at the magazine, as well as at other male-dominated Christian organizations.

Did the Pandemic Make Me a Jerk? +Pantsuit Politics hosts Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

By Jonathan Woodward — March 16, 2022
Do you ever worry ... maybe all those judgment calls you had to make made you judgmental? Katelyn and Roxy are back for season three with guests Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers from Pantsuit Politics.

Philip Yancey on the Blessing of Deconstruction

By Roxanne Stone — December 22, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Philip Yancey, whose books have long been a guide for the doubting, deconstructing Christian.

Am I a New Yorker Yet?

By Roxanne Stone — December 15, 2021
There's nothing like going home for the holidays to make a person wonder where they really belong. Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Elizabeth Passarella, a southern evangelical transplant who moved to NYC more than 20 years ago

The Punk Rock Spirit of the Virgin Mary

By Roxanne Stone — December 8, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by author Kaya Oakes as they talk about how women — past and present — are so often being shaped into the image men want. Including the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. 
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