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Saved by the City

We Worked at Christianity Today. And We Have Thoughts About the New Report.

By Jonathan Woodward — March 23, 2022
Katelyn and Roxy react to the report of sexual harassment at CT and reflect on their experiences working at the magazine, as well as at other male-dominated Christian organizations.

Philip Yancey on the Blessing of Deconstruction

By Roxanne Stone — December 22, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Philip Yancey, whose books have long been a guide for the doubting, deconstructing Christian.

Am I a New Yorker Yet?

By Roxanne Stone — December 15, 2021
There's nothing like going home for the holidays to make a person wonder where they really belong. Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Elizabeth Passarella, a southern evangelical transplant who moved to NYC more than 20 years ago

The Punk Rock Spirit of the Virgin Mary

By Roxanne Stone — December 8, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by author Kaya Oakes as they talk about how women — past and present — are so often being shaped into the image men want. Including the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. 

7 Events That Shaped Our Evangelical Identity

By Jonathan Woodward — December 1, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy reflect back on the seminal moments of their own evangelical journeys in the late 20th and early 21st centuries — and examine how those events not only shaped them, but evangelicalism writ large.

Our History Books Were Missing Some Chapters

By Roxanne Stone — November 24, 2021
Thanksgiving may still be a favorite holiday, but its origin myths have long since been revealed to be just that: myths. And dangerous ones at that.

How To Help Your Homeless Neighbors — Really

By Roxanne Stone — November 17, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by homeless advocate Kevin Nye and Shams DaBaron, "da homeless hero," for challenging conversations on how to help — both on a personal level and a systemic one.

This One’s for the Lonely

By Roxanne Stone — November 10, 2021
Ekemini Uwan joins to discuss the difference between solitude and loneliness — how we can lean into being alone and also seek meaningful connection.

Weathering the Age of Rage

By Roxanne Stone — November 3, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by political analyst Kirsten Powers as they ask: can you stay centered in an age of extremes?

Demons! Demons Everywhere!

By Roxanne Stone — October 27, 2021
Fall festivals! Hell Houses! Satanic Panic! Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Tyler Huckabee as they dredge up some ghosts of evangelical Halloween's past.

When Church Hurts Like Hell

By Roxanne Stone — October 20, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy, joined by Kyle J. Howard, explore why church wounds and spiritual abuse inflict such lasting damage in people's lives.

Wanna Get a Read on Somebody? Check Out Their Bookshelf

By Jonathan Woodward — October 13, 2021
You are what you read. Voracious reader Danté Stewart explains how reading widely — and far outside his own perspective and experience — has shaped him as a writer and human.

Meet the ‘King of Weird Christian Twitter’

By Jonathan Woodward — October 6, 2021
Katelyn and Roxy do a deep dive into #WCT and the online community that’s formed via a collective, albeit mostly good natured, side-eyeing of evangelicalism. And they are joined by ‘The King of Weird Christian Twitter’ himself, Matthew Pierce.

How We Survived the Great Evangelical Betrayal

By Jonathan Woodward — May 19, 2021
We're still not sure whether we left the movement that shaped our earliest faith, or whether the movement left us.

Amy Grant and What We Demand of Famous Women

By Jonathan Woodward — September 29, 2021
It's been 30 years since Amy Grant put our hearts in motion. Katelyn and Roxy speak to the Queen of Christian pop about living life in the public eye — through all its ups and downs.
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