People of faith know what must be done on climate change

By John L. McCullough, Rudelmar Bueno de Faria — September 20, 2019

(RNS) — Noah’s prophetic witness called on his community to heed the darkening skies and take action to save their world before it was too late. 

Pope Francis pushes a new theology of climate change

By Mark Silk — September 3, 2019

(RNS) — Rather than blame the environmental crisis on humanity’s fallen state, as his predecessors did, Francis emphasizes how nature brings us closer to God.

Interfaith group pledges to use religion’s influence to address climate change, poverty

By Eric J. Lyman — August 26, 2019

LINDAU, Germany (RNS) — Azza Karam, the newly elected leader of the interfaith group Religions for Peace, urged delegates to the group’s recent World Assembly to harness the power of religion to address climate, nuclear arms and income inequality.

International interfaith gathering: ‘We must work together or we will all fail’

By Eric J. Lyman — August 21, 2019

LINDAU, Germany (RNS) — Interfaith leaders meeting in Germany this week will discuss how they can help address issues like climate change, terrorism, women’s rights, warfare, poverty, sexual violence and migration.

Faith and friendship as a remedy to the opioid crisis

By Katelyn Beaty — August 30, 2018

(RNS) — With the help of addicts themselves, researchers are exploring the emotional, social and relational reasons why people become addicted—and how relationship with God and others can restore and heal.

Richard Dawkins, shunned in Berkeley, finds new venue nearby

By Kimberly Winston — July 27, 2017

(RNS) — The world’s most famous — and infamous — atheist will speak near San Francisco on Aug. 9, after abrupt cancellation by a public radio station.

Faith and the cosmos: An astrophysicist fields the big questions

By Lauren Markoe — July 13, 2017

(RNS) ‘I have my own personal rule, which is I never, ever tell people what to believe. And I never, ever tell people they’re wrong,’ says Paul M. Sutter, an astrophysicist who fields questions from the public — some of them religious — on the cosmos.

‘Changing Our Minds’ explores psychedelic drugs and spiritual healing

By Kimberly Winston — June 13, 2017

BERKELEY, Calif. (RNS) There are sometimes positive spiritual and religious changes for addicts, wounded warriors and the seriously depressed who take these drugs under clinical supervision — a key component of the treatment.

Vatican stargazers look for divine inspiration

By Josephine McKenna — May 24, 2017

(RNS) ‘The observatory exists to show the world that the Catholic Church supports science,’ says Brother Guy Consolmagno, an astronomer from Detroit who is also the observatory’s director.

Bill McKibben talks faith on his way to the Climate March

By Lauren Markoe — April 28, 2017

(RNS) “We are now large enough to spit in God’s face,” McKibben says of the human race. “And we are.”

iPhones and the risen Christ: What’s the connection?

By Jonathan Merritt — April 14, 2017

A few years ago, Esther Emery was not a believer but she was burnt out. In a “desperate attempt for a reset,” she decided to take a year hiatus from technology. Surprisingly, her digital fast leads her into a profound experience with the Risen Christ and the faith she had previously rejected. Her book, “What Falls From the […]

Scientists ponder how to talk to the faithful about climate change

By Lauren Markoe — February 19, 2017

(RNS) ‘My entreaty for scientists is to be able to speak publicly about why you care,’ said the Rev. Fletcher Harper, executive director of GreenFaith.

Religion drives skepticism about evolution, but not climate change

By Lauren Markoe — December 13, 2016

(RNS) Sociologists debunk a common assumption about religion and science.

Evangelicals in Trump’s Cabinet: Choice of Pruitt alarms scientists, environmentalists

By Kimberly Winston — December 8, 2016

(RNS) Could Trump’s Christian Cabinet picks have a chilling effect on the teaching of science in public schools?

Study: Religious experiences trigger brain’s reward circuit in devout Mormons

By Kirkland An — December 5, 2016

(RNS) The study found that their religious actions were associated with activations in the region of the brain central to the reward circuit as well as the region associated with decision making and attention.

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