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Native American leaders push for boarding school commission

By Susan Montoya Bryan — June 23, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The dark history of Native American boarding schools — where children were prohibited from speaking their languages and often abused — has been felt deeply across Indian Country and through generations.

2 priests killed in Mexico devoted decades to remote region

By MarÍa Verza — June 23, 2022

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The two priests, age 79 and 80, respectively, were shot to death in the small church on Cerocahui’s town square Monday, along with a tourist guide they tried to protect from a local criminal boss.

New documentary follows the Rev. James Martin ‘Building a Bridge’ to LGBTQ Catholics

By Emily McFarlan Miller — June 23, 2022

(RNS) — ‘I just hope that it helps LGBTQ Catholics see that there’s a place for them in their own church — it’s their church, too — and also for Catholic leaders to hear these voices,’ Martin said.

‘Just rumors’: Cardinal Parolin dismisses chatter about pope’s plan to resign

By Claire Giangravé — June 23, 2022

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Francis’ right-hand man at the Vatican buttressed recent statements by church officials disputing that Francis is ready to throw in the miter.

Why nonsense stories about the pope resigning keep popping up

By Thomas Reese — June 22, 2022

(RNS) — Francis can still perform his papal duties as long as his mind is clear.

The theological ethicist who didn’t mince words

By Mark Silk — June 22, 2022

(RNS) — Remembering a journalistic encounter with James Gustafson.

A church was ordered to rescind its gay deacon. Now it weighs its next step.

By Yonat Shimron — June 22, 2022

(RNS) — Neland Avenue is not the only congregation in the Christian Reformed Church to welcome LGBTQ members. But now it’s being singled out.

Former education minister in Brazil is jailed in graft probe

By DÉbora Álvares — June 22, 2022

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — The former minister is an evangelical pastor himself.

Will La Luz Del Mundo persist with leader behind bars?

By Alejandra Molina — June 22, 2022

(RNS) — It’s incredibly difficult to leave a religious organization that’s given followers a worldview that says, ‘we are God’s chosen,’ experts note.

200 witnesses to testify in ‘Vatican trial of a century’ on financial scandals

By Claire Giangravé — June 22, 2022

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — A trial that began a year ago has so far heard from 10 witnesses.

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