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In 2010, the US apologized to Native Americans. A new spiritual movement aims to recognize it.

By Emily McFarlan Miller — July 28, 2021

(RNS) — Others feel the apology is inadequate and should not be accepted by Native Americans.

Why Reform Jewish leaders support H.R. 40, the federal reparations bill

By Deitra Reiser, Hannah Goldstein, Sarah Bassin — July 28, 2021

(RNS) — If we wish to redeem the soul of America, our efforts at earnest truth-telling must result in equally serious attempts to provide redress for past and ongoing harms through reparations.

Judge orders forfeiture of ancient tablet from Museum of the Bible

By Renée Roden — July 28, 2021

(RNS) — A federal judge ordered Hobby Lobby to forfeit a rare fragment of the Epic of Gilgamesh to the United States government.

Running on ‘Stop the Steal,’ the GOP goes all in on presidential sedevacantism

By Mark Silk — July 28, 2021

(RNS) — It’s our version of the traditionalist Catholic delegitimizing of the pope.

As Muslim Advocates founder resigns, former staffers allege hostile workplace

By Aysha Khan — July 28, 2021

(RNS) — A group of former Muslim Advocates workers has come forward with allegations of workplace harassment and abuse by the civil rights organization’s former management.

Survey: Vaccine hesitancy declines among faith groups, spurred partly by religious appeals

By Jack Jenkins — July 28, 2021

(RNS) — Rates of vaccine refusal remained constant or even increased in some groups, however.

Study: Only half of American households donate to charity

By Haleluya Hadero — July 28, 2021

(AP) — Donations to charitable causes are reaching record highs, but the giving is done by a smaller and smaller slice of the population.

Not everyone cheered the ancient Olympic games, but the sacred games brought together rival societies

By Joel Christensen — July 28, 2021

(The Conversation) — A scholar of ancient Greek literature explains what the Olympics of modern day have in common with the 776 B.C. games at Olympia.

German woman indicted over her time with IS in Syria

By Associated Press — July 28, 2021

BERLIN (AP) — The indictment of Leonora M., is the latest in a string of cases in Germany involving women who went to the area held by IS and were involved in holding women captured by the extremist group as slaves.

Plaintiffs propose replacing Bible with Book of Faith

By Associated Press — July 28, 2021

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Government lawyers argued the lawsuit should be dismissed because the lead plaintiff acknowledged he wasn’t offended by the display.

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