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RNS Afternoon Opinion: Christmas without family; 2020’s best religion books

A Christmas without family and community

(RNS) — Christmas celebrates God’s great surprise, but we need to see it through children’s eyes.

The best religion books of 2020

Biblio-therapy for the ill at ease. That means -- all of us.

Why I stopped tithing to the LDS Church

At tithing settlement this year, I declared myself a full tithe-payer and explained why none of that money has gone to the LDS Church.


‘No man is an island,’ wrote John Donne on a grim Christmas amid a pandemic

(RNS) — These famous few lines suggest a kind of compassionate solidarity, a sense of deep connection when others die, or might die. But Donne’s real point is not just compassion for others, even during a plague, but the necessity of attention to the self.

Pandemic cooking and Jewish food rituals offer comfort in times of sickness

(The Conversation) — Food preparation makes the intangible aspects of culture and religion tangible.