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RNS Morning Report: 5th Century Church Mosaic; Ga. Senate Campaign; SuperSisters Website

Jessica Rentz cleans a pair of birds holding a garland, foreground, and one of the dedication inscriptions in the mosaic, rear, of the Burnt Church in July 2019. Photo by Dr. Michael Eisenberg

Need to know: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Archaeologists uncover mosaic floor from 5th century church near Sea of Galilee

A fire that destroyed an ancient Holy Land church near the Sea of Galilee around 700 CE appears to have preserved the church’s beautiful mosaic floor, which includes depictions of baskets, loaves and fish as well as inscriptions.

In Georgia, a Democrat launches a campaign that’s all about faith

Sarah Riggs Amico launched her campaign in August with a video that made a direct appeal to religious voters in the state.

Disputes loom as émigré church leader switches loyalty to Moscow

The fate of 118 parishes scattered across Europe is part of a larger struggle between the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul and the far larger and richer Moscow Patriarchate, whose power is linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Website aimed at British Muslim women funded by UK anti-extremism program

SuperSisters seems to be part of a larger strategy by the Home Office to work with PR and digital media agencies to offer young Muslims an anti-terrorism narrative.

Love your neighbor: Use their preferred pronoun

Rather than being annoyed that you need to remember a new set of pronouns, view it as a chance to love someone in a very specific way that will speak to their heart and nourish their longing to be seen, writes Ericka Andersen.

Cardinal George Pell to appeal to high court over child sexual abuse conviction

The former Vatican treasurer has maintained his innocence after the Victorian court of appeal ruled two-to-one against his appeal.



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Half the tigers rescued from Thai temple reported dead

BANGKOK (AP) — The tigers were vulnerable to illness because of inbreeding, leading to laryngeal paralysis causing respiratory failure, said a national parks official.

Police: No sign that Duluth synagogue fire was hate crime

(AP) — Police are recommending that prosecutors charge Matthew James Amiot, 36, of Duluth, for arson in the fire that destroyed the 118-year-old Adas Israel Congregation last week.

Duke University’s student government rejects Young Life over LGBTQ policies

The decision comes amid an ongoing clash nationwide between religious student groups and colleges and universities that have added more robust nondiscrimination policies.

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Religion in the age of Trump

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New cardinals: The men are the message

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