RNS Morning Report: Accusations Against Strang; Clerics Selected for Synod; 'Smart' Streetlights

Cameron Strang in 2014. Video screengrab

Need to know: Monday, September 23, 2019

Toxic Workplace Culture

Relevant founder Cameron Strang accused of creating racially insensitive workplace

In online testimonies from people who used to work for Strang, both African American and white, men and women, registered indignation about what some called a toxic environment that they say Strang created. More from Religion News Service

Prominent Clerical Gathering

US clerics O'Malley, McElroy selected to attend Amazon synod at Vatican

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, archbishop of Boston, and Bishop Robert McElroy of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego have been invited to the Vatican’s upcoming Amazon synod, two of only three Americans selected to participate. More from Religion News Service

Surveillance Concerns

In San Diego, Muslims question rollout of city’s 'smart' streetlights

An analysis of San Diego's controversial 'smart' streetlights, equipped with cameras and sensors, suggests that many of the city’s mosques could be monitored by the city. More from Religion News Service

Martini Judaism

Academic antisemitism returns

Has Judaism become not cool for school? Jeffrey Salkin writes. More from Religion News Service

Purple Catholicism

Doctor's cache of human remains shows the moral cost of practicing abortion

Participating in our violent throwaway culture leads us to discard our own humanity, writes Charles C. Camosy. More from Religion News Service

Translator's Voice

Why it matters if your Bible was translated by a racially diverse group

Publishers should ensure that their committees bring all relevant voices to the table. Christians of color and women also need to remember that Bible translation belongs to us as much as to anyone else, writes The Rev. Dr. Esau McCaulley. More from The Washington Post🔒