RNS Morning Report: Background Checks for Church Hires; Democratic Debates; Values at the Border

Members of the Southern Baptist Convention and guests lift their hands in prayer during the SBC's annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala., on June 11, 2019. RNS Photo by Butch Dill

Need to know: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"False Sense of Security"

More churches are checking the national sex offender registry. Is it helping?

Running potential employees through the national sex offender registry may be useful, but the data it provides is limited.  More from Religion News Service

Hot Topics

5 issues religious liberals will be tuned to in the Democratic debates

Treatment of immigrants, climate change and poverty are among the issues they care about. More from Religion News Service

Flunking Sainthood

How to be Mormon, in just 73 easy steps!

Being Mormon can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Mette Harrison has boiled it down into 73 simple steps. (First rule: stop saying "Mormon.") More from Religion News Service


The family values we need at the border

I was raised in the United States by Christians who emphasized the family values of Scripture and exhorted me to be vigilant in resisting worldly forces that tear families apart, writes Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. More from Religion News Service


Why do evangelicals support Trump? Blame the suburbs

Urban evangelicals have some room for political diversity. Suburban and rural evangelicals do not, writes Ryan Burge. More from Religion News Service

“More Than A ‘Dog-Whistle'”

National Cathedral on Trump’s racist comments: ‘Have we no decency?’

Faith leaders said Tuesday that the president’s history of racism and his recent remarks about Baltimore are “a clarion call, and give cover, to white supremacists.” More from Huffpost




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