RNS Morning Report: Candidate Williamson; A.I. and Morals; Rabbinical Assembly Leader

Marianne Williamson campaigns for president at the Sondheim Center in Fairfield, Iowa.  RNS photo by KC McGinnis

Need to know: Monday, April 15, 2019

Love-Focused Spirituality

The spiritual politics of presidential candidate Marianne Williamson

'The only way to defeat dog whistles is to drown them out with angel voices. But the angels can only sing through us,' said the author of 'A Return to Love,' of her run to deprive Donald Trump of the White House. More from Religion News Service

AI & Ethics

Evangelicals issue principles on benefits, challenges of artificial intelligence

The statement aims to help evangelicals proactively navigate their use of technology like smartphones and virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa from a scriptural perspective that focuses on ethics about human dignity. More from Religion News Service

Rabbinical Leadership

Conservative rabbinical group selects new leader

Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, 52, who has served his entire career at Shaare Torah, in Gaithersburg, Md., will lead the 1,700-member international organization of Conservative rabbis. More from Religion News Service

Practicing Spiritual Warfare

Lion of Judah church straddles Boston’s two worlds

For the last 30 years, Ivy League-educated Pentecostal pastor Roberto Miranda has been fighting Boston's demons as leader of Congregación Leon de Juda. More from Religion News Service

Flunking Sainthood

What’s crazy about religion on Game of Thrones

It's not surprising that the state religion of the Seven is DOA. What's unexpected is that so many of the other religions have real power, writes Jana Riess. More from Religion News Service

Fusion Faith

Faith politics on the rise as Indonesian Islam takes a hard-line path

In recent years, the country’s Muslim majority has embraced more overt signs of religiosity and shifted toward Arab-style devotion: flowing clothes and veils, Arabic names and Middle Eastern devotional architecture. More from The New York Times



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