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RNS Morning Report: Chatting with female bishops; Rural healthcare; LGBT Christians


The six new female synod bishops-elect of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America



Need to know: Thursday, July 26, 2018

‘She is loose’: A historic group of female Lutheran bishops on #MeToo and the Holy Spirit

The ELCA has elected the largest number of female bishops in one year to lead the mainline denomination. We sat down with all of them.

Bidding starts at $50K for Bible that went to moon

The tiny microform King James Bible went to the moon on the 1971 Apollo 14 space flight.

How Catholic bishops are shaping health care in rural America

Where a patient lives can sometimes determine whether Catholic doctrine – and how the local bishop interprets that doctrine – will decide what kind of health care they can get.

Why did Trump discuss two black pastors on his recorded call with Michael Cohen?

But before Trump appeared to discuss making a payment to the Playboy model, he and his attorney discussed a perhaps-unexpected subject: pastors.

Was she denied Communion because she’d been chewing gum — or because she’s transgender?

Her mother and the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte disagree on why 15-year-old Max, who has been transitioning since January, was turned away by a Eucharistic minister.

Revoice’s founder answers the LGBT conference’s critics

The conference, which begins today and is aimed at conservative LGBT Christians, has generated controversy among theologically conservative Christians.

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As McCarrick scandal spreads, top US cardinal urges stricter abuse policies

(RNS) —  'A major gap still exists in the Church’s policies on sexual conduct and sexual abuse,' wrote Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston, in a statement.

Turkey: American pastor on trial for terror let out of jail

An American pastor who had been jailed in Turkey for more than 1½ years on terror and espionage charges was released Wednesday and put under house arrest as his trial continues.

Brownback opens religious freedom summit with plea to fight persecution

“Religious freedom is ... a right given by God," said the U.S. religious freedom ambassador at the State Department ministerial.

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A religious freedom summit can’t undo Trump’s record on Islam

(RNS) — The religious freedom advocates at the State Department’s ministerial this week need to say plainly that Trumpism and international religious freedom contradict each other in ways we cannot ignore.

Stop the ‘weaponization’ of religion in Pakistani politics

For Pakistan’s religious minorities, the run-up to today's elections has been terrifying. But without sustained pressure, they may soon face an existential threat, USCIRF says.

Fifty years later, scientist’s finding on birth control still challenges Catholic teaching

(RNS) — Many Catholic theologians warn that preserving an unscientific stance on birth control will weaken the Catholic Church's credibility on all sexual issues, not just birth control.