RNS Morning Report: Church Sale Proceeds; Boston Catholic Archdiocese Archives; Aborti …

Twinbrook Baptist Church will be closing in Rockville, Md. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

Need to know: Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Parting Gifts

Pastor says $1 million from closing church aids wider ‘fellowship of the concerned …

Twinbrook Baptist Church will close, but its sale will help nonprofits meet needs in the community and the Hispanic congregation that long rented the building. More from Religion News Service

Preserving History

Boston’s Catholic archdiocese expands effort to digitize archives

The data will help individuals hoping to trace back their family ancestry, as well as historians, genealogists, economists and other scholars looking for bulk data for their research. More from Religion News Service

National Views Remain Stable

Survey: Less than 25% in any US state approves total ban on abortion

The survey's state-by-state findings come at a time when overall national views on the legality of abortion have remained stable. In 2018, 15% of those surveyed said it should be illegal in all cases, compared to 16% in 2014. More from Religion News Service

Vocal Objections

‘Let our voices be heard’: Churches march against immigration raids

Churches have emerged as the top sources of spiritual and material support to the mostly Mexican and Guatemalan workers targeted by recent immigration raids in Mississippi. Some churches are going beyond comfort and material aid, with their response flaring into political opposition. More from Religion News Service


French cannabis debate ignores race, religion and mass incarceration of Muslims

Evidence suggests that cannabis prohibition over the past 50 years has disproportionately punished France’s Muslim minority, writes David A. Guba Jr. More from Religion News Service

Faithful Witness

Sister Helen Prejean on witnessing executions: ‘I couldn’t let them die al …

Sister Helen Prejean is best known for her 1993 memoir, Dead Man Walking, about her role as a spiritual adviser to a convicted killer on death row. More from NPR




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