RNS Morning Report: Counseling LGBT Catholics; Christian Marriage Book; Trump's Peace Plan

Alana Chen died in December 2019 in Colorado, at the age of 24. Photo courtesy of the Chen family

Need to know: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Secrets and Pain

A young woman's suicide puts focus on church's counseling for LGBT Catholics

After Colorado barred gay conversion therapy for minors, the death of a once-devout college student has spurred debate about how religious counselors handle homosexuality. More from Religion News Service

Polarizing Advice

Can a bestselling Christian marriage book about love and respect lead to abuse?

A Christian marriage and sex blogger says a bestselling book called 'Love and Respect' has a toxic message. The book's author rejects that claim and says he's spent decades trying to prevent abuse. More from Religion News Service

'Biblical Ideal'

Evangelicals embrace Trump's peace plan, saying it recognizes the Bible 'as legal'

Evangelical leaders said the plan was close to biblical, mindful that even Abraham divided his property with Lot, his nephew, after a quarrel. More from Religion News Service

Supreme Faith

Often-reticent Justice Clarence Thomas speaks about his faith in new documentary

Documentarian Michael Pack says of Thomas: ‘when you have a faith, lose your faith and come back to your faith, in some ways it's stronger then.’ More from Religion News Service


Giving victims of religious trauma a voice

A recent tweetstorm about how to teach kids about faith was a testament to how little we hear in our national conversation from those who have experienced religious trauma, writes Chrissy Stroop. More from Religion News Service

'Intrinsically Jewish Values'

Sanders defines a Jewish identity his way on the 2020 trail

Bernie Sanders is approaching next week’s Iowa caucuses in a position to become the first major-party Jewish presidential nominee in the nation’s history. And at a time of resurgent anti-Semitism, he’s talking in more depth about how his faith shapes his broader worldview. More from The Washington Post🔒




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