RNS Morning Report: Drive-In Services; Pope to Offer Plenary Indulgence; Church Offerings Dwindle

Pathway Baptist Church holds a worship service at the Calvert Drive-In Theatre, Sunday, March 22, 2020, in Calvert City, Kentucky. Attendees remained in their vehicles. Photo by Nathan Brandon/Studio 270 Media

Need to know: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

'Church Has Left the Building'

Churches go back to the future with drive-in services in the time of the coronavirus

Congregations from a variety of denominations in Kentucky, Texas, Washington and Minnesota are taking the drive-in approach at their churches, encouraging members to park their cars on church property and tune in to the service on their radios. Pathway Baptist Church did them one better. More from Religion News Service

Trying Times

Pope Francis will offer plenary indulgence in response to coronavirus

Pope Francis announced he will be delivering an extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing and indulgence due to the coronavirus pandemic. More from Religion News Service

Dropping Donations

As offerings dwindle, some churches fear for their future

As weekly contributions drop as in-person worship services are canceled amid the coronavirus outbreak, some churches are bracing for cutbacks in programs and staff. More from Religion News Service


Conservative churches need to get the social distancing memo

Some churches that are staying open despite the pandemic need to trust that closing our churches is not about fear; it’s about love, writes Colby Martin. More from Religion News Service

Spiritual Politics

Why some keep believing when Trumpian prophecy fails

Empirical evidence to the contrary doesn’t matter to true believers, writes Mark Silk. More from Religion News Service

Distancing Enforcement

Salt Lake City airport tightens rules for greeting missionaries returning from abroad

Salt Lake City officials have announced tougher restrictions on families and friends meeting Mormon missionaries returning from abroad after many well wishers flouted official guidelines, thronging an airport parking lot over the weekend with welcome-home signs and balloons. More from NPR



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