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RNS Morning Report: Fighting Payday Loans; AIDS Stigma; a rise in US hate crimes

The Rev. Rahab Wanjiru, an HIV-positive Anglican priest in central Kenya, frequently campaigns against HIV stigma. RNS photo by Fredrick Nzwili

Need to know: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In Kenya, a pastor’s refusal to marry an HIV-positive bride stirs debate over AIDS stigma

Pastor Jesse Karanja, the leader of Mizpah House of Prayer Church, insisted a couple take tests for HIV and pregnancy as guests waited in the church.

Churches use political pressure, small-dollar loans to fight predatory payday lending

Congregations are helping people avoid — or dig out from — exorbitant debt obligations by providing an alternative.

FBI’s new hate crime report captures an America changed by hate

The official statistics reflect a climate of growing hate that is emboldened and indeed enacted by those at the top, writes Simran Jeet Singh.

Called to serve, not called to suffer

Young LDS missionaries are part of an increasingly anxious generation, and experts say many are having a hard time while serving.

Capturing the sound of religious devotion

James Webb's installation at the Art Institute of Chicago collects the prayers of a city into a work of sonic art.

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Welcoming veterans to belated college careers with yoga and a dose of Taoism

The Manhattan College program seeks to help veterans reintegrate into civilian and academic life after being separated from both for years of isolating service.

Notre Dame students cite faith as they kneel during national anthem to protest racism

The students argued their demonstration was in the spirit of Notre Dame's former president, the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, who protested with Martin Luther King Jr.

Vatican instructs U.S. bishops to halt voting on sex abuse measures

But Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, citing the urgency of the abuse crisis for the American church, urged that the bishops still discuss the "action items."

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A lot of white evangelical voters aren’t evangelicals

Record turnout at the polls? Look closer, writes Mark Silk.

Undoing the culture of Mormon judgmentalism—Or, I am not a “tare”

I'm getting tired of the way some Mormons throw around the "wheat and the tares" analogy to dismiss anyone who disagrees with them. A culture of judgmentalism has consequences, and they're not good.

Stan Lee, Jewish literary hero

Secret identities? What was up with that, writes Jeffrey Salkin.


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