RNS Morning Report: Fines against Immigrants in Sanctuary; Opioid Crisis; Jerusalem Ex …

Rosa Ortez Cruz has been in sanctuary at the Church of Reconciliation in Chapel Hill, N.C., since April 2018. Photo by Stef Bernal Martinez

Need to know: Friday, July 5, 2019

'Attack on the Sanctuary Movement'

Sanctuary churches say fines against immigrants meant to sow fear

Some indigent immigrants would owe as much as $500,000 for overstaying their deportation orders. More from Religion News Service

Responding to Addiction

Former Sojourners staffer recounts personal opioid crisis in ‘Addiction Nation&# …

In 'Addiction Nation: What the Opioid Crisis Reveals About Us,' published last month, Timothy McMahan King combines his story with Christian theology and scientific studies of addiction. More from Religion News Service

Archaeological Controversy

Excavation of Siloam Pool road leads to claims of attempt to ‘Judaize’ Jer …

The controversy is the latest political skirmish between Israelis and Palestinians over archaeological excavations. More from Religion News Service

Signs of the Times

Patriotism, nationalism and the American dream

Americans need to embrace a more mature and realistic patriotism, one that recognizes that everything is not perfect but that there is still something worth celebrating, writes Thomas Reese. More from Religion News Service


Rise of the ‘nothing in particulars’ may be sign of a disjointed, disaffe …

The data indicates that those who are 'nothing in particular' aren’t just cut off from organized religion. They have disconnected from many of the foundational structures that hold us together as communities, writes Ryan Burge. More from Religion News Service

'A Course in Miracles'

The curious mystical text behind Marianne Williamson’s presidential bid

The New Age author was drawn to an esoteric kind of bible as an aimless young woman in the 1970s. It has made her a self-help megastar. And now it has entered the political mainstream. More from The New York Times




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