RNS Morning Report: GU272 Memory Project; Drag Queen Story Hour Protest; Fitness and F …

Photos of GU272 descendent Donna Comeaux’s family. Photo by Claire Vail

Need to know: Monday, June 24, 2019

Memory Project

History of slaves sold for Georgetown detailed in new genealogical website

The website includes a spreadsheet of 314 individuals whom genealogists have identified as being part of the group sold by the Jesuit priests. More from Religion News Service

Protest and Counter-Protest

‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ at Washington state libraries attracts protesters

As drag queens read 'Not all Princesses Wear Pink' and 'Love Is Love Is Love' inside, protesters cited the Apostle Paul in saying that God’s wrath will be revealed. More from Religion News Service

'Females in Action'

These women power through high-intensity workouts. Then they finish with prayer.

If some of the newer fitness center brands draw millennials with no particular faith, FiA draws people who tend to be more religiously conventional. More from Religion News Service

Accommodations in Public

Boy’s removal from church service spurs debate in UK on welcoming those with aut …

According to the National Autistic Society in the U.K., more than a quarter of people with autism and their families have been asked to leave a public place because of behavior linked to their autism. More from Religion News Service

Religion Remixed

How a Catholic bishop and Jordan Peterson became fellow travelers

Peterson and his 'new atavists' share with their Catholic brethren a disillusionment with what they see as the feminization of contemporary, post-feminist, post-sexual-revolution America, writes Tara Isabella Burton. More from Religion News Service

Record Criticized

India rejects critical US religious freedom report

India hit out hard against a US religious freedom report saying religious intolerance in India was growing under its right-wing government, setting off a new spat before a visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. More from Al Jazeera




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