RNS Morning Report: Held Evans Funeral; Confession Confidentiality Threatened; Labour …

People attend the funeral of Rachel Held Evans at First Centenary United Methodist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., on June 1, 2019. Video screenshot

Need to know: Monday, June 3, 2019

'Woman of Valor'

At her funeral, Rachel Held Evans is memorialized with quotes from her own writings

Her friend Nadia Bolz-Weber gave a sermon saying, "Though theologically she knows that death knows no sting, “it stings now." More from Religion News Service

Politics and Prayer

Franklin Graham ‘burdened’ to pray for a president he says is under attack

Graham's call for 'special day of prayer for the president' on Sunday has been joined by a who's who of evangelical leaders. More from Religion News Service

Church and State

California lawmakers threaten to break confidentiality of confession to find abusers

The bill extends the debate over 'clergy-penitent privilege' provoked by similar provisions passed or considered in other states since at least 2002. More from Religion News Service

Inadequate Response to anti-Semitism

With anti-Semitism on the rise, U.K. begins formal inquiry into Labour Party’s a …

Britain is facing an unprecedented political crisis over religious discrimination as its two biggest political parties are confronting mounting accusations over their treatment of Jews and Muslims. More from Religion News Service

Spiritual Politics

The Pacific Northwest is the American religious future

What a society dominated by Nones looks like, writes Mark Silk. More from Religion News Service

Lives of Devotion

These millennials got new roommates. They’re nuns.

A project called Nuns and Nones moved religion-free millennials into a convent. More from The New York Times

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