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RNS Morning Report: Holiday Edition

The Morris family decorates their home and property with more than 200,000 lights in Hayden, Idaho. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Morris

RNS Morning Report will return on January 2.

Thank you for a great year, and have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Need to know: Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Homeowner wins legal fight over nativity with 200,000 Christmas lights and a camel

A federal court recently ruled in favor of Jeremy and Kristy Morris, whose live nativity at their home attracts hundreds of spectators.

Lone street guitarist shares Christmas spirit in Nairobi

Samson Kule Mannasseih, an Anglican street singer, brings Christmas cheer to the streets of Nairobi by sharing 'the music that calms everyone.'

New documentary chronicles a grass roots Catholic ‘magisterium’

“Magisterium of the People” was inspired by the Catholic Committee of Appalachia, who go into Appalachia to listen to the stories of the region’s residents and report their findings.

US family discovers Chinese nuns who rescued adopted baby daughter

Teagan is happily enjoying life in Chattanooga, Tennessee, doted on by her older siblings, and looking forward to her first Christmas in America.

What’s up with Jews and Chinese food on Christmas?

Or does Column A and Column B remind us of the tablets of the Law? Just sayin', writes Jeffrey Salkin.

A young pastor preached about depression, then killed himself. His widow wants to help others by talking about it.

He implored his congregation to know that if they were fighting mental illness, they weren’t alone. Twelve days later, he killed himself.

Latest news from RNS

Biblical city of Bethlehem boasts largest Christmas in years

Palestinians are preparing to host pilgrims from around the world in celebrating Christmas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

Pope celebrates Christmas at home as deputy presides in Iraq

The Mass on Christmas Eve is one of the highlights of the Vatican's liturgical year and starts a busy week for Francis.

Faith groups celebrate holiday season by descending on the border

From the Archives: Religious Americans are descending on the U.S. border with Mexico, some to learn about the issues and others to express solidarity with immigrants.

In Israel, Christians embrace a simple, spiritual Christmas

From the Archives: Without its commercial trappings, Christmas becomes a simple but meaningful celebration. 'There’s so much to learn in the quiet,' one woman says.

Have yourself a boozy little Christmas

From the Archives: The connection between Christmas and liquor has been institutionalized of late in 'carols and cocktails' events that, while concerning to some, are deeply consistent with the holiday’s history.

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Lay off my God already!

The New Yorker published an anti-Judaism cartoon. For shame.

‘Hacking the good’ from religion at a secular solstice

A secular solstice celebration in wintertime is not for everyone. But attending one of these rituals for the religiously unaffiliated helps define our own ideas of 'sacred' and 'profane', writes Tara Isabella Burton.

Embracing the work of Christmas

(RNS) — Mary was said to be 'perplexed' when the angel Gabriel told her she was carrying the hope of a broken people. Like her, we must set aside our fears in a divided world and respond, 'Here I am.'