RNS Morning Report: Islamophobia Exhibition; Jarrid Wilson Dies; Va. Seminary Reparations Fund

Image courtesy of Justice for Muslims Collective

Need to know: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

'Shattering Justice & Re-Making the Muslim Threat'

9/11 timeline project traces ‘underlying Islamophobia’ in war on terror

The visual timeline of post-9/11 policies and programs highlights the 'underlying Islamophobia' linking nearly two decades of torture, immigration crackdowns, surveillance overreaches and more. More from Religion News Service

Tragic Loss

Pastor, author and mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson dies by suicide

News of Wilson’s passing followed a series of tweets he posted throughout the day Monday that dealt with suicide, including a post encouraging followers to remember that even though loving Jesus doesn’t cure mental illnesses, he does offer companionship and comfort. More from Religion News Service

'Actions of Repentance'

Reparations fund announced by Va. seminary with buildings constructed by slaves

'This is the Seminary recognizing that along with repentance for past sins, there is also a need for action,' said Virginia Theological Seminary President Ian S. Markham. More from Religion News Service

Engaging with Criticism

Pope Francis shrugs off critics, calling schism part of church's history

On his flight back from a weeklong trip to Africa, Pope Francis answered critics of his papacy, saying that although he hopes for dialogue he’s not afraid of a schism. More from Religion News Service

Flunking Sainthood

Mormon men are groomed not to listen to women

Recent news stories have brought home to me how inhospitable the LDS Church is to hearing women's voices, and how very hospitable it is to protecting male power, writes Jana Riess. More from Religion News Service

Jewish Rituals in Protests

For these progressive Jews, prayer is part of the protest

The Tisha B’Av protests were part of an ongoing national mobilization of progressive American Jews that seeks to abolish ICE, to close the detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border, and to implement just and humane immigration policies. More from Religion & Politics