RNS Morning Report: John MacArthur on SBC; Synod Push for Married Clergy; Sukkot in Bo …

John MacArthur, center, speaks at a panel discussion at the “Truth Matters” conference at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, Oct. 18, 2019. Credit: YouTube

Need to know: Monday, October 21, 2019

Complementarianist Declaration

Accusing SBC of ‘caving,’ John MacArthur says of Beth Moore: ‘Go home’

Evangelical pastor John MacArthur criticized Southern Baptists Bible teacher Beth Moore and called female preachers a sign that Southern Baptists were losing their belief in the authority of the Bible. More from Religion News Service

Progressive Push

Working groups at the Vatican’s Amazon synod push for married clergy

The groups considered everything from the ordination of women as deacons to the creation of a separate rite for the region. More from Religion News Service

Celebrating the Harvest

In this Latino LA neighborhood, Jews commemorate an ancient biblical holiday

More than a dozen people gathered Sunday (Oct. 13) in Boyle Heights — a working-class Latino neighborhood on the east side of Los Angeles that was once a thriving Jewish enclave — to observe the biblical holiday of Sukkot. It has been more than 30 years since this tradition was celebrated in this community. More from Religion News Service

Vision Outlined

After deadly shooting, Pittsburgh synagogue plans reopening

Tree of Life leaders now envision a rebuilt space that includes places for worship; memorial, education and social events; classrooms and exhibitions. The mission is to fight anti-Semitism. More from Religion News Service

Signs of the Times

Decision time begins for Amazon bishops as synod enters final week

The synod's final recommendations to the pope could have profound impact not only on the Amazon but the entire church, writes Thomas Reese. More from Religion News Service

Debate Sparked

‘A threat to democracy’: William Barr’s speech on religious freedom …

Prominent liberal Catholics have warned the US attorney general’s devout Catholic faith poses a threat to the separation of church and state, after William Barr delivered a fiery speech on religious freedom in which he warned that “militant secularists” were behind a “campaign to destroy the traditional moral order”. More from The Guardian



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