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RNS Morning Report: Little Richard & Religion; Imam Released from Prison; Bishop Funds Research

In this Aug. 19, 2004, file photo, Little Richard performs at Westbury Music Fair in Westbury, N.Y. Little Richard, the self-proclaimed “architect of rock-n-roll” whose piercing wail, pounding piano and towering pompadour irrevocably altered popular music while introducing black R&B to white America, died Saturday, May 9, 2020. (AP Photo/Ed Betz)

Need to know: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Little Richard: Six examples of how religion played a role in his life

‘I consider my music sacred,’ the performer of songs like ‘Tutti Frutti’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’ once told an interviewer.

Released from prison due to outbreak, fringe Muslim leader continues ministry

Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed, who claims to be the rightful successor to Imam W. Deen Mohammed, has been released early from federal prison due to the coronavirus.

Canadian Catholic bishop funds research for a safe and efficient coronavirus vaccine

‘May the search for COVID-19 solutions also be a moment of solidarity, of collaboration, and of growing together,’ said Archbishop J. Michael Miller of the archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada.

Christian leaders seek $4B for secure voting during pandemic

A multi-denominational coalition is calling on Congress to allocate upwards of $4 billion to help Americans safely cast their votes in November.

Before we get ‘back to normal,’ we need to grieve and pray

We can learn from the prophet Nehemiah, who cried and mourned openly for the losses of conquered Jerusalem, writes Scott Jones.

Sikh doctors shave beards to fight COVID: “This was an exception to the rule”

One of the principles of the Sikh religion (kesh) mandates that believers eschew hair removal of all kinds, right down to the question of eyebrow trimming. The idea is that it represents respect for the natural perfection of the body as God created it.



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On Mother’s Day, young Uighurs ask: Where are our moms?

Akida Pulat and other Uighurs suspect their parents have disappeared into this system. In a social media video they plan to publish on Sunday (May 10), she and over half a dozen young Uighurs around the world will demand the release of their mothers.

Another heartbreak for American Jews? The cancellation of summer camps.

More than any other institution, camps provide the glue for future Jewish commitments.

Pandemic leads churches to celebrate motherhood creatively this Sunday

In the wake of COVID-19, houses of worship are finding creative ways to honor motherhood this Sunday at a time when many churches cannot yet publicly gather.

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She is globalized but also localized, a symbol of the conquering religion subversively reinvented by the conquered, writes Kaya Oakes.

Mormon women are finding their voices. Are Mormon men listening?

(RNS) — The new issue of Dialogue, guest edited by Mormon feminists and chock-full of diverse voices, will likely not be read by the people who most need to read it.

Weekend Plug-in: May 8, 2020

(RNS) — Analysis, insights and top headlines from the world of faith is produced by Religion Unplugged.