RNS Morning Report: New Investigation at Menlo Church; Refugee Resettlement Cuts; Liturgies at Home

Pastor John Ortberg preaches at Menlo Church in May 2020. Video screengrab via Menlo Church

Need to know: Monday, July 13, 2020

"Supplemental Investigation"

John Ortberg’s megachurch announces new investigation

Elders at Menlo Church say their initial investigation into concerns about megachurch pastor John Ortberg's son fell short. More from Religion News Service

Refugee Caps

Evangelical, Catholic leaders say Trump has left persecuted Christians in danger

Evangelical leaders from World Relief and Open Doors — along with Catholic bishops — say Trump administration policy leaves persecuted Christians in danger. More from Religion News Service

Creating Connectivity

Without church or internet, many South Africans turn to liturgies at home

'The church in South Africa, still, is rooted in the Mass experience,’ said a parish priest of Our Lady of Peace in Johannesburg. More from Religion News Service

Adapting Ritual

Months into COVID-19, funeral directors and clergy continue to innovate death care

Spurred by lockdowns, funeral homes, green burial conservations and houses of faith are innovating to adjust to a new normal of death care. More from Religion News Service


Stay home from church

Anyone insisting on a quick return to life pre-COVID is ignoring a foundational principle of Christian faith: that God is in the business of perpetually creating new life, writes Amy Butler. More from Religion News Service

Symbolic Sanctions

China announces retaliatory sanctions against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

The Chinese government has announced sanctions against US officials, including the Republican senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in response to US sanctions over Beijing’s treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang province. More from The Guardian