RNS Morning Report: Nuns back on the bus; Romanian marriage; Green Buddhism

Sister Simone Campbell, left, and Sister Diane Donoghue, right, lead the way as the “Nuns on the Bus” arrive on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on July 2, 2012. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Need to know: Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sister act

‘Nuns on the Bus’ launch new nationwide tour ahead of midterms

The progressive Catholic bus tour is designed to "hold congressional Republicans accountable for their votes" on taxes and health care. More from Religion News Service

Roadside religion

Biblical wax museum rewards seekers of kitsch and true conviction

Many are tickled by the novelty of a wax museum in 2018 — especially one that includes celebrity wax figures born again as biblical characters. More from Religion News Service

Same-sex success

Pro-LGBT boycotters foil Romanian referendum on marriage

A referendum to change the definition of marriage from a union "between spouses” to one “between a man and a woman” failed due to low voter turnout. More from Religion News Service

From on high

Why ‘Mormon’ is now a four-letter word and other General Conference takeaways

Church President Russell Nelson reiterated that his instruction is not a name change. “It is a correction,” he said. “It is the command of the Lord.” More from Religion News Service

Push to the polls

Faith groups get out the vote for the midterm elections

Trump wants conservative evangelicals to get out the vote in November's midterms. But religious leaders on the left are also inspired to get their people to go the polls. More from NPR

How to save the world 🌍

Can Buddhism help fight climate change?

"Finding strength in our pain at the individual level is what we need to do at the global level," says the architect of the Paris Agreement. More from Pacific Standard

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