RNS Morning Report: #Oncegay Movement; Protest at Liberty University; Birmingham Remembrance

Pastors Ken William, center left, and Elizabeth Woning, center right, of Redding, California, in a group photo with other members of their CHANGED group. Courtesy photo

Need to know: Friday, September 13, 2019

'Changed' Platform

In some Christian circles, a new #oncegay movement makes a comeback

The resurgence of ex-gay ministries, such as the new Changed platform, is a reminder that for a large segment of Christianity, the belief that homosexuality is a sin is pervasive and deeply ingrained. More from Religion News Service

Call for Investigation

200 Liberty students attend protest after new Falwell revelations

The protest comes in response to a Politico article that quotes current and former members of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s 'inner circle' describing Liberty as a 'dictatorship.' More from Religion News Service

Memorial Observance

Birmingham church, 56 years later, to recall bombing with messages of love, action

‘Our hope is that people will leave inspired, become agents of change as a result of what happened here,’ said the Rev. Arthur Price Jr. More from Religion News Service

Hundreds Mourn

Harvest Pastor Greg Laurie urges compassion after Jarrid Wilson's suicide

Two days after Jarrid Wilson's suicide, Pastor Greg Laurie stressed the importance of seeking help when feeling depressed or experiencing suicidal thoughts.  More from Religion News Service


Religion in the age of Trump

While much of the media oxygen is taken up by wealthy and powerful religious leaders, the faithful continue to work at the grassroots level, writes Ali A Olomi. More from Religion News Service

'Project Blitz' Legislation

'In God We Trust': display in Kentucky schools marks effort to mix church and state

When students returned to Kentucky public schools last month after summer vacation, they may have noticed something different: the words “In God We Trust” displayed in a prominent location in their school, as is now mandated by law. More from The Guardian