RNS Morning Report: Persecuted Christians; Religious Liberty Lawsuit; Museum of the Bible Critiques

Iraqi Christians pray at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, damaged by Islamic State fighters during their occupation of Qaraqosh, east of Mosul, Iraq, on Nov. 12, 2016. Qaraqosh, the biggest Christian town on the Nineveh plains in Iraq's north, fell to the Islamic State group in 2014. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Need to know: Friday, July 26, 2019

Campaign Promises

Trump aims to protect persecuted Christians, but some aren't sure he's helping

An increasingly vocal band of advocates and experts says the Trump administration’s refugee policies are out of sync with its promises to protect religious minorities from persecution, especially Christians, Yazidis and other groups in the Middle East. More from Religion News Service

Interfaith Solidarity

Coalition of 850 religious leaders backs lawsuit against DHS surveillance of pastor

Manhattan pastor Kaji Douša filed a federal lawsuit accusing U.S. officials of violating her religious liberty by detaining and surveilling her over her border ministry. Now, more than 850 clergy members are standing in support of her. More from Religion News Service

Scholarly Criticism

Who is the Museum of the Bible really for? Scholarly book examines multiple problems

The academic community's critiques have been collected in a book cataloging a host of ills, from the museum's focus on the Protestant Bible to faked artifacts to an alleged evangelical agenda. More from Religion News Service

Letter of Protest to PM

Indian celebrities protest attacks on dissent, minorities

Several celebrities protested such killings in 2016 and some of them returned the national awards given to them by the government honoring their works in the field of art and culture. More from Religion News Service


A goodbye to a man who taught us how to look at death

Rob said that being willing to die was different than accepting death. He did not want to make friends with death. Instead, he called it the 'final evil' — which he, as a Christian, was willing to endure, writes Bob Smietana. More from Religion News Service

'Transparently Prejudiced'

Trump appears to attack ‘The Squad’ on behalf of the Jewish people. Here’s what that sounds like to Jews.

To the many white evangelical voters who make up a big part of his base, President Trump might appear lately to be highlighting his bona fides as a champion of the Jewish people. In a rush of tweets in recent weeks, he has denounced four Democratic congresswomen of color as anti-Semitic and insufficiently supportive of Israel. More from The Washington Post🔒




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