RNS Morning Report: Religious Suffragists; Bishop Budde at DNC; Report on Yogi Bhajan Abuse

Women’s suffrage supporters march in 1915, most likely in New York. Photo by Bain News Service/LOC/Creative Commons

Need to know: Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Beyond belief: Religion as a motivating force for 5 women suffragists

Some of the suffragists were freethinkers who did not attend church and saw Christianity as hostile to women’s rights. But as the group grew and coalesced, it also included women of many faiths.

Bishop Mariann Budde appeals to ‘better angels’ in Democratic convention prayer

The Episcopal bishop of Washington, D.C. said her appearance is not partisan, and said she declined a request to film her Democratic convention prayer in front of St. John’s, where Trump held up a Bible.

Yogi Bhajan, yoga guru and founder of 3HO, ‘more likely than not’ sexually abused followers, says report

The report details a range of alleged abuses against women and female minors that include rape, sexual battery, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Bhajan is best known for introducing Kundalini Yoga to the West and formed a worldwide community of 3HO ashrams.

After another priest is killed in El Salvador, local clergy ask ‘who will be next?’

A Catholic priest was found dead near his car Aug. 7 in El Salvador, the most recent in a pattern of clergy killings in the country over the past 50 years.

Kanye West, Christian chaos candidate, trumps the Trump model

Kanye’s presidential campaign may tell us as much about our spiritual disillusionment as it does his mental health, writes Tara Isabella Burton.

Talking to aliens is their religion

Among the Aetherius Society’s key beliefs: selflessness and extraterrestrial life.



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Praising Israel-UAE deal, Trump points to influence of evangelicals

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Democrats tap array of faith leaders to speak at convention

(AP) — Bishop Mariann Budde will deliver the benediction on Tuesday, the second night of the convention, according to a list shared with The Associated Press on Sunday before its public release.

Joe Biden, president-elect at last, was shaped by a very American Catholic faith

“(Biden's) separating of the secular sphere and the sacred sphere, not in his personal life but in his approach to governing, is straight out of that Kennedy lineage,” said Manhattan College professor Natalia Imperatori.

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Chad Daybell’s strange end-times beliefs are not Mormon theology, says historian

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