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RNS Morning Report: Sanctuary church protests; Risks for scholars; Muslim women’s fashion

Cleve May, left, pastor of CityWell Church, flanked by Samuel Oliver’s wife and son with the Rev. William Barber II, right, at a protest outside the Wake County Detention Center in Raleigh, N.C., on Nov 26, 2018. RNS photo by Yonat Shimron

Need to know: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

After arrest of protected immigrant, sanctuary church members cry out for justice

A Durham, N.C. church severely criticized the arrest of an undocumented immigrant who had been living in their church, as he applied for humanitarian deferral on his deportation.

Religious scholars weigh risks, rewards of speaking out

It's become important for scholars to share their knowledge in an era of fake news and religious divisions. It's also become dangerous.

DA adds evangelical university to fraud case against Christian Post owners

Authorities have broadened charges against the former owners of Newsweek and the former publisher of The Christian Post to include a university founded by a controversial evangelical pastor.

Three things we can learn from contemporary Muslim women’s fashion

The recent interest in Muslim women’s style is challenging popular stereotypes about Islam, writes Liz Bucar.

What progressives need to defeat Trump: populism and religion

Religion and populism have become dirty words in progressive circles, but despite common assumptions, their combination could serve democratic renewal, write Luke Bretherton and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins.

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Muslim preachers help Kosovo women learn, win their rights

There's a widespread tradition that it's better for women to pray at home than in the mosque. In Kosovo, an old Ottoman-era tradition is bucking that trend.

Pope taps experts, US cardinal to help prep for abuse summit

Notably absent from the lineup announced Friday was Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley, who heads the pope's sex abuse advisory commission.

‘Fixer Upper’ stars Chip and Joanna Gaines to host church for the homeless  

Magnolia Market, a tourist destination owned by reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, will host Church Under the Bridge, displaced by a road project.

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Note to newspaper editors: Change ‘church’ to ‘hierarchy’

Saying that the Catholic church did not protect children is wrong. We should not blame the people of God for the sins of the hierarchy, writes Thomas Reese.

Younger Mormons far more likely to be troubled by women’s roles in the LDS Church, study shows

Younger Mormons are far more likely to say they are bothered by the fact that women don't hold the priesthood, reflecting a generational divide over women's roles in the LDS Church.

Yes, Ivanka is “good for the Jews.”

She has a Jewish home. She is raising Jewish children. Forget about her politics, for a moment.


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