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RNS Morning Report: Seattle Worship Protest; Rev. Gil Caldwell Dies; ‘Scholar Strike’

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Christian musician Sean Feucht held defiant Seattle worship protest after concert was banned

SEATTLE (RNS) — After city officials shut down a Seattle park concert, Christian musician Sean Feucht held an outdoor ‘worship protest.’

Rev. Gil Caldwell, United Methodist civil rights and gay rights activist, dead at 86

(RNS) — Caldwell said his application to Duke Divinity School was rejected in the mid-1950s because of his race. He visited the campus some 60 years later.

‘Scholar strike’ for racial injustice includes divinity school professors

(RNS) — Faculty at Yale Divinity School, Vanderbilt Divinity School and Brite Divinity School ‘are participating in teach-ins,’ an organizer said.

A Minnesota Catholic diocese was set to install a new bishop. Then he was accused of abuse.

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Rev. Michel Mulloy, who was set to become the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, this fall.

Pope Francis launches his post-COVID agenda with announcement of new encyclical

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — While some people spent the monthslong lockdowns making bread, knitting or watching Netflix, Francis seems to have pondered a plan for a new economic model.

Liberal Christian group kicks off new swing-state organizing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Faithful America is launching a new project focused on chipping away at President Donald Trump's support among religious voters in three swing states.



RNS Opinion

Jesus isn’t on the ballot. That doesn’t mean Christians can opt out.

(RNS) — There are those who will opt out because they refuse to choose between the ‘lesser of two evils.’ But opting out has consequences too, for other people whom Christ told us to protect.

Controversial Mormon book pulled from publication

(RN) — Last month, the BYU Religious Studies Center halted publication of ‘Saving Faith’ because of author John Gee’s statements about homosexuality and child sexual abuse. But the book’s problems run even deeper.

Pope Francis’ new papal encyclical could be derailed by its seemingly sexist title

(RNS) — Let us pray that the encyclical’s language does not distract from its content.


Jen Hatmaker, Christian author and former reality TV star, files for divorce

(RNS) — Hatmaker asked for prayers and for privacy as she and the family work through their grief and loss during the divorce process.

Video from priest says Catholics who vote for Democrats will go to hell. One bishop approves this message.

A Texas bishop has endorsed a video that claims Catholics who vote Democratic will go to hell.

In other news

The best reason to go to college

It’s the same as it ever was: To learn that the world is more than the issues that divide us.

Black pastor wants his mostly white congregation to understand racial justice

The racial justice movement asks what role white people should play in the struggle. Lenny Duncan's ministry tries to answer that question. He's a black pastor in the whitest denomination in the U.S.