RNS Morning Report: Secularism Law in Quebec; LGBTQ Campus Defense; Barr & Death Penalty Decision

Quebec’s Bill 21 bans religious garments worn by public employees, including items such as hijabs, niqabs and burqas. Photo by rawpixel.com/Creative Commons

Need to know: Monday, July 29, 2019

Principle of 'Laicity'

Muslim activists continue to push against Quebec secularism law

Last week, Quebec’s Superior Court rejected civil rights advocates’ legal request to temporarily suspend operation of the controversial new ban on religious symbols for state workers. But activists say the fight isn't over. More from Religion News Service

Brave Commons

'It’s us or no one': Nonprofit defends LGBTQ students from their universities

Queer students at Christian colleges and other conservative schools often have to deal with isolation and even discipline from the administration, just as many are processing their sexuality themselves. One advocacy group helps them fight back. More from Religion News Service

Purple Catholicism

Death penalty decision answers lingering questions about how Barr's faith affects his politics

The worry that Barr might impose his private religious views on federal matters has apparently been overblown, writes Charles C. Camosy. More from Religion News Service


Joshua Harris and the sexual prosperity gospel

Some evangelicals who denounce the prosperity gospel seem to have no problem touting the purity culture that say God will reward those who wait, writes Katelyn Beaty. More from Religion News Service

Capital Campaign

Chicago Tribune investigation reveals financial burdens of Chicago Catholic churches

Six years ago, the Archdiocese of Chicago said it needed $350 million to keep churches and Catholic schools open. Catholics ended up pledging even more than the church asked for. But since then, dozens of churches and Catholic schools in Chicago have closed anyway. More from NPR




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