RNS Morning Report: Texas Faith-Based Bills; Netanyahu Elected; Hindu Guest Chaplain

Texas state Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, center, talks with fellow lawmakers before a vote at the state Capitol in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Need to know: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Refusal of Services

Faith-based bills advance in Texas in defiance of ‘almighty dollar’

Some faith and business leaders oppose a proposal that they say would let Texans use their faith as a shield to deny services as mundane as plumbing or towing a car. More from Religion News Service

Polarizing Politics

How Netanyahu’s win could further polarize American Jews

If in the past, American Jews united behind Israel’s premier regardless of personality or party, Netanyahu has opened up a huge gulf with American Jews, who trend liberal and tend to vote Democratic in U.S. elections. More from Religion News Service

Religious Spokesperson

Hindu guest chaplain, at your service — but does he speak for all Hindus?

As with Islam and Buddhism, Hinduism's decentralized structure means that the loudest voices are often taken to be authoritative. More from Religion News Service

Habitat for Humanists

In Los Angeles, a house for all heretics

A private home known as Heretic House fills a church-shaped hole for the city's atheists without the trappings of belief in a higher power. More from Religion News Service

Martini Judaism

Netanyahu is not Israel

Yes, I am sad. I am disappointed. That is why I am doubling down on Israel, writes Jeffrey Salkin. More from Religion News Service

Climate Crusaders

The renegade nuns who took on a pipeline

An Oklahoma-based pipeline company was trying to lay a pipeline under a cornfield belonging to the nuns, and the sisters decided to fight back, hoping that they might draw attention to the issue of climate change. More from The New Yorker



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