RNS Morning Report: The Mask Project; Film Tribute to Ahmaud Arbery; Interfaith Abrahamic House

Maria helps produce face masks for The Mask Project, in Phoenix, on May 7, 2020. Photo by Eddie Chavez Calderon

Need to know: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Justice-Driven Charity

The Mask Project offers jobs to unemployed and masks to Arizona's hardest-hit communities

Founded by Arizona Jews for Justice, The Mask Project aids the state's Latino and Native American communities, which have been hit particularly hard by both the novel coronavirus and the economic fallout. More from Religion News Service

"The Cross and the Lynching Tree"

Chicago preacher Otis Moss III uses film to honor Ahmaud Arbery, address racism

‘I would challenge all people of faith to become educated about the weaponizing of black skin in American culture,’ said the Rev. Otis Moss III. More from Religion News Service

Gathering, Not Othering

Four young people of different faiths move into a home together, then a pandemic happens

Hadar Cohen, Ala’ Khan, Maya Mansour and Jonathan Simcosky were selected to move into the Abrahamic House, a co-living and co-creating space in the Koreatown neighborhood of LA. More from Religion News Service


Coronavirus restrictions on mosques bring women to the fore

Sheltering in place may be giving American Muslims an opportunity to reshape our community spaces, writes Hind Makki. More from Religion News Service


Doing the math: What's a human life worth?

As the Holocaust begins to recede from memory, an incontrovertible fact shines like a beacon from the deepest darkness of the 20th century as we face this overwhelming pandemic that will define the 21st. Each human life is priceless, writes Joshua Hammerman. More from Religion News Service

Holistic Response

When religion sided with science: Medieval lessons for surviving COVID-19

Looking at how people thought about science and religion in the past can inform the contemporary world’s approach to COVID-19, writes Phillip I. Lieberman. More from The Conversation