RNS Morning Report: Trump International Hotel conference; Wheaton summit; Colorado mon …

Worshippers at the Revolution 2018 conference are commissioned at the Trump International Hotel on Dec. 8, 2018. (Screenshot via livestream)

Need to know: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Charismatic conference

At Trump’s hotel, spiritual warriors pray for the president Trump

A loose network of charismatic Christians sees Trump's election and presidency as a catalyst for a spiritual 'turnaround' in America, even as the nation is under siege by forces of spiritual evil. More from Religion News Service

#ChurchToo Movement

Ending the year #MeToo went to church, Wheaton summit to discuss evangelical response

The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College will host a one-day evangelical gathering around the topic of sexual abuse this week on the campus of the evangelical Christian school. Some worry it won't go far enough. More from Religion News Service

Investigation Launched

Colorado police set sights on Shambhala Buddhist leaders over alleged sex crimes

Buddhism's #MeToo movement could soon be making the transition from a grassroots movement to the criminal justice system. More from Religion News Service

Spiritual Bonds

A Native American tribe demands the return of its spiritual relative —  an orca

In the summer of 1970, a few dozen orcas were snatched and sold to various theme parks, decimating the gene pool of remaining whales. Only one survived. Now, the Lummi tribe wants her back. More from Religion News Service


Why slain missionary John Allen Chau might be a martyr

Supporters and critics of the late John Allen Chau disagree about his missionary methods. But they also disagree about the message that motivated him, writes John G. Stackhouse Jr. More from Religion News Service

Chinese Crackdown

Chinese Police Detain Prominent Pastor and Over 100 Protestants

The Chinese police have detained one of the country’s most prominent Protestant pastors along with more than 100 members of his independent congregation, the latest sign of a growing crackdown against what the government perceives as illegal or foreign-influenced religious activity. More from The New York Times


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