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The Slingshot: Circumcision ban; Black Panther; Faith healing

David Lane of Fairfax, Calif., holds up a sign against male circumcision outside a medical clinic during a news conference in San Francisco, on July 21, 2011. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Need to know: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Iceland could become first country to ban male circumcision

The legislation being debated by Iceland's Parliament would impose a six-year jail term on anyone who "removes part or all of (a child's) sexual organs" for non-medical reasons.

African cosmologies: spiritual reflections on the ‘Black Panther’ movie

Yes, Wakanda is a fictional place and "Black Panther" is “just” a film, but the spiritual imagination that undergirds the movie can be an opportunity for learning, writes the Rev. Yolanda Pierce.

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Texas city council members censure colleague over anti-Islam Facebook post

The post featured a student in a hijab and these words: “Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools.”

Refugee groups fight Trump travel ban — and for their own survival

For the six faith-based agencies authorized to settle refugees in the U.S., the battle over the travel ban is also a fight to protect their ministries.

Will Mitt Romney’s senate bid turn (more) Mormons away from Trump?

Romney’s pitch reflects a Mormon tradition of polite politics and reservedness about one’s faith that differs from other American religious conservatives.

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Kids can fix our gun fixation

We made smoking cigarettes socially unacceptable. We can do the same with guns, writes RNS columnist Jeffrey Salkin. The kids have to make it happen.

The best book about Millennials and the church

Millennials are authentic and relational "resident crap detectors" whose voices are vital for the church -- if the church would stop doing everything in its power to drive them away.

Desiring God, mental health, and the truth about ‘chronological snobbery’

“Thank God for psychologists and Lexapro,” writes Jonathan Merritt in response to a tweet from Reformed pastor John Piper’s ministry. “Without them, I might be dead today.”

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