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The Slingshot: Graham’s genocide; Graham’s heir; Fatima’s secrets

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Need to know: Thursday, May 11, 2017

Franklin Graham calls persecution of Christians ‘genocide’

The controversial preacher and son of the Rev. Billy Graham described violence against Christians in the Middle East and Africa as part of a larger, global antagonism toward the faith.

Will there be a next Billy Graham?

No "next Billy Graham" has emerged — that is, no American religious figure who commands as much fame, impact, and respect as Graham did. Maybe there won’t be another, writes Tim Funk.

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ set as NBC’s next live musical

The show follows in the footsteps of NBC’s successful run of live musical events; most recently, “Hairspray Live.”

The ’Splainer: Who is Our Lady of Fatima and what is the ‘Third Secret’?

Pope Francis will be the fourth pontiff to visit the famous Marian shrine in Portugal, and one of millions of pilgrims who travel there each year. What is the attraction?

9 Catholic groups to divest from coal, oil and gas in a bid to fight climate change

“We wish to emphasize the urgency of the climate crisis and deepen our commitment to care for our common home,” said Sister Sheila Kinsey, spokeswoman for the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters, one of the groups that chose to divest.

A Yorkshire abbey that is ‘world’s first eco-friendly nunnery’

Stanbrook Abbey in the North York Moors national park claims to be the world’s first environmentally friendly convent. It features solar panels, rainwater harvesting and a sedum roof.

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Sioux tribe receives land from South Dakota Jesuits

(RNS) The Society of Jesus will hand back 500 acres to the Rosebud Sioux tribe, a band of Lakotas.

Nation of Islam jewelry, clothing and documents slated for auction

Items from the first four decades of the religious black separatist movement, founded in 1930, will go on the auction block on Thursday.

Viral pontiff: Francis dances with Hasidic Jews at the Vatican

It was really more swaying than dancing. Still, it’s not something popes normally do, and the video became yet another internet hit for Francis.

A Jain library steps gingerly into the 21st century

Updating more than 125,000 books, manuscripts and ebooks in a faith that views technology as “inherently violent.”

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How life should end

Those of us who are guilty of belonging to worshiping communities tend to see things in particular ways. Hospital chaplaincies, religiously based care-of-the-sick-and-dying agencies, seminary courses, and lay seminars on the subject abound. A pastoral call or ritual and prayerful address by fellow members of one’s religious community are much cherished.

Telling the story of my departure from American evangelicalism

RNS columnist David Gushee on exiting the evangelical and Southern Baptist contexts and overcoming “post-evangelical syndrome.”

Is ‘Norman’ good for the Jews?

Richard Gere's "Norman" will make Jews cringe. That's because we know him.

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