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The Slingshot: Lynchburg dissidents; Navy Bible; Quaker podcast

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Attendees of the Red Letter Revival gather to pray over Red Letter Christians leader Tony Campolo in Lynchburg, Va., on April 6, 2018. RNS photo by Jack Jenkins

Need to know: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

At ‘Red Letter Revival,’ leaders give voice to evangelicals on the margins

For the few hundred who came to Lynchburg to assert a different kind of evangelical activism, the gathering offered hope.

Controversy erupts over Bible in Okinawa naval hospital display

The investigation follows a formal complaint filed after a Bible was placed on a display table arranged to honor POW/MIAs.

Religious group’s billboard takes aim at guns, says they aren’t ‘the solution to our safety’

"You shall not make for yourself an idol," reads the billboard put up by the North Carolina Council of Churches, quoting the Second Commandment alongside an image of guns and bullets.

The last frontier for gay rights

From  his perch in the North Carolina foothills, businessman Mitchell Gold watched the march of gay civil rights, but he also saw what to his mind was its chief impediment: religion. (Subscription may be required.)

For Quaker podcast, silence Is golden

A recent episode of the Young Quaker Podcast is simply a recording of a Quaker meeting for worship - basically, 30 minutes of silence.

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Liberty U’s Falwell ‘censors’ student newspaper coverage of event organized by critics

The two-day event off campus drew speakers Shane Claiborne, the Rev. William Barber and others critical of university President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s support of President Trump.

At Korean-American churches, a struggle to retain language and tradition

LOS ANGELES (RNS) — Will Korean-speaking ethnic churches eventually die out?

How a businessman is reshaping the Anti-Defamation League in an age of white nationalism

If Jonathan Greenblatt took the job thinking he could bring the ADL into the 21st century, history had a bigger plan.

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Make America grateful again: Diana Butler Bass says ‘gratitude is not a happy pill’

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Do not be afraid

(RNS) — As we face relentless attacks on our rights and our lives, what role does fear play in our lives today?

A rabbi should be able to change his or her mind

I celebrate a deep friendship, which has forced me to re-examine much of what I once believed.

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