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The Slingshot: Mormon safety; Frescoes revealed; Want to write for RNS?

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Need to know: Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mormon church to ask its missionaries: How safe do you feel?

The survey could lead to altered assignments and enhanced guidelines for the nearly 70,000 full-time missionaries assigned to nations across the globe, where they spend two years or 18 months looking for potential converts.

Lasers reveal long-hidden Roman frescoes with biblical themes

The catacombs are a reminder of the importance of Domitilla as a Christian burial site.

Why indigenous leaders and Canadian Catholics still want an apology from Pope Francis

Given the spirit encouraged by Pope Francis, says one Canadian Jesuit, it would be particularly meaningful “for the pope to come and embody that spirit on Canadian soil” and apologize for the mistreatment of indigenous children in church-run schools.

‘Kill them all.’ A congressman declares war on ‘Islamic horror’

“The free world ... all of Christendom ... is at war with Islamic horror,” Louisiana Republican Clay Higgins wrote about suspected extremists. “Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.”

The Rev. William J. Barber II … on Comedy Central

The North Carolina preacher and prophet of the today’s faith-based social justice movement is funny as heck, but he also talks to Trevor Noah about the serious work of “shifting the moral conversation about the poor.”

RNS is looking for a stellar reporter

We seek an experienced journalist who can write authoritatively at the intersection of religion and politics. Part of the reporter’s job will be to follow the Catholic beat, while branching out into other areas of coverage.

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Religious leaders shocked by attack on Ramadan and Pentecost

The deadly events coincided with two of the holiest times in the Muslim and Christian calendars: Ramadan and Pentecost, and left religious leaders shocked at not only the violence but the timing.

With first solo CD in 9 years, CeCe Winans keeps singing – and pastoring

One of the most celebrated gospel artists is back on tour after releasing her first solo CD in almost a decade.

50 years after the Six-Day War, Israeli Jews reflect on the victory

JERUSALEM (RNS) Israel’s lightning victory over its hostile neighbors 'was life-changing,' in the words of one American-born Israeli. But now he wonders about whether it is corroding Jewish values.

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Does Israel have dirty hands?

A fifty year old poster raises new questions -- about Israel and power.

My Six-Day War

The story of a teenager in the House of Representatives.

In recognizing multiple faiths, the US military moves beyond its shameful past

(RNS) For many years, there were only three kinds of religious 'toothpaste' in the military: Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism.

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