The Slingshot: Page-turning; African panthers; Passion plays

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The Rev. Frank Page, right, president of the Southern Baptist Convention executive committee, leads a panel discussion at the Southern Baptists’ annual meeting in Houston, on June 10, 2013. Photo by Adam Covington/Baptist Press

Need to know: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Frank Page, SBC leader, retires due to ‘inappropriate relationship’

"As a result of a personal failing, I have embarrassed my family, my Lord, myself, and the Kingdom," the Southern Baptist Convention’s top executive said.

‘Black Panther’ inspires Kenyan church leaders’ march for Pan-African unity

Building on the popularity of the film packing movie theaters since February, the organizers said they hope to shape a movement that celebrates Pan-African economic, spiritual and social power.

Where the buffalo roam, a Passion play approaches the century mark

Oklahoma’s version of old Jerusalem — mixing rough stone structures resembling those in the Holy Land with occasional sightings of buffalo and longhorn — provides the setting for what organizers describe as North America’s longest-running outdoor Passion play.

How John Bolton and Mike Pompeo mainstreamed Islamophobia

They have extensive ties to people who argue that Islam is an intrinsically violent religion and that most mainstream American Muslim organizations are involved in a secret plot to replace American law with Islamic law.

Austrian full-face veil ban condemned as a failure by police

It was intended as an “integration” policy aimed at limiting the visibility of orthodox Islam in public life but ended up being against people wearing smog masks or animal costume heads.

Coroner who refuses to let Jewish or Muslim burials skip the queue accused of breaching human rights

The first-come, first-serve policy is being challenged by religious groups who say it ignores "deeply held beliefs" which require their dead to be buried as soon as possible.

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Latest news from RNS

Report: Key unofficial bishop in Vatican-China deal detained

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The AsiaNews agency, which closely covers the Catholic Church in China, said Mindong Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin and his chancellor were taken away Monday (March 26).

‘Ignorance’ feeds anti-Semitism in the Arab world

JERUSALEM (RNS) — How to deal with the problem was the challenge posed at a conference in Jerusalem.

Pakistani court ruling aims to publicly identify all religious minorities

LAHORE, Pakistan (RNS) – The high court ruling in this majority-Muslim nation has spread fear among Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other religious minorities already under pressure in the South Asian nation.

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Christians, Jews and the dubious history of the Passion play

(RNS) — I judge every Passion play by asking if it tells a story that is totally free of anti-Jewish images, costumes and teachings.

Networks and public religion

If and insofar as networks are a fad or “meme” to be promoted in awe, count me out as a peddler. But I could not get over how often historians of evangelical, Catholic, mainline, and “none” company referred creatively to what they observed about networks and what these conveyed to those of us who must be alert to what goes on in the world of public religion.

LDS sex abuse scandal: Here’s what we know so far

A high-ranking Mormon mission leader has been accused of sexual misconduct, even sexual assault. As the story unfolds, here's a brief guide to what we know and when we learned it.

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