The Slingshot: Remembering a King; Considering a prince; Theologizing a president


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The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks in Eutaw, Ala., in June 1965. King was head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. (AP Photo)

Need to know: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Picture a King

Fifty years after the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the images in this slideshow still convey the power of his work.

Mormon leader’s comments about ‘nonconsensual immorality’ draw fire

In speaking out against sexual abuse, the choice of words by a member of the LDS church's Quorum of Twelve Apostles may have created more problems than they solved, writes Emily Jensen.

Saudi crown prince: Iran’s supreme leader ‘makes Hitler look good’

Mohammed bin Salman says Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda are a "triangle of evil" trying "to manipulate Muslims" into thinking they must fight for their religion.

The little-known theology behind white evangelical support of Donald Trump

Christian virtues like love, mercy and forgiveness apply to individuals, not government, according to "Two Kingdoms" theology as deployed by evangelicals like Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.

During Lent, a Christian tried praying 5 times a day

Kate Chance writes that spending time around her Muslim friends made her more deliberate about her own prayer life.

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Latest news from RNS

Mother allegedly used stun gun to wake son for church

PHOENIX (AP) — Police arrested 40-year-old Sharron Dobbins on suspicion of child abuse after her 17-year-old son alerted authorities.

Faith-based education group is calling out Betsy DeVos

In a letter, the group’s leader identifies as “a fellow person of faith” — a reference to DeVos’ very public Christian faith — and says she is “disappointed” with the secretary’s recent remarks.

In Mexico, donning chains to recall Christ’s pain on the cross

ATLIXCO, Mexico (RNS) — For more than a century, the 'engrillados' have shackled themselves on Good Friday.

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Parades, peeps and paradoxes

Easter parades survive in classic Hollywood films, on the avenues near cathedrals (which paraders pass but rarely frequent), in peeps, and in song. Seldom is there a trace of connection to the religious event which prompts Easter celebrations.

Pope Francis and hell

(RNS) — The pope has in fact spoken of hell in the past in a way that clearly indicates that he believes in it.

Was ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ anti-Semitic?

(RNS) — There were parts of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' that troubled me. But they're not worth losing sleep over.

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