Troubleshooting Press Release Submissions

What should I do if I encounter a problem?

  1. Review the chart below and see if it is something you can try to solve.
  2. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 844-767-6397 (1-844-RNS-NEWS) to see if your press release submission was actually successful. Often the information comes through even though you can't see it on the submission page. A staff member will be in touch shortly.
  3. If this is not something you can solve and we have determined that your information did not come through, please send the text, all images and preferences to [email protected]. We will send you an invoice to complete online and then manually process your release. Please be sure to include a phone number so we can reach you with questions.

What are some problems I may encounter?

If it is one of the top three problems below, it's likely a browser setting or network problem outside of our ability to control. Browser issues especially need to be handled by the user, since everybody's setup is different and we do not have the access required to fix the issue directly.