RNS Morning Report: Willow Creek inquiry; Service refusals; The death belt

The Rev. Bill Hybels, center, and his two successors, lead pastor Heather Larson, left, and lead teaching pastor Steve Carter, right, of Willow Creek Community Church. (Larson and Carter photos courtesy Willow Creek Community Church; Hybels via AP/Charles Dharapak)

Need to know: Tuesday, August 7, 2018

'My soul is so at odds with the institution'

Willow Creek investigates Hybels as pastor quits over new allegations

Steve Carter, lead teaching pastor, resigned from Willow Creek Community Church after more allegations against its founder, Bill Hybels, came to light. More from Religion News Service

Buyer be gone

Poll suggests religious freedom push is having an effect

One week after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a religious liberty task force, a new poll shows nearly a majority of Americans say it's OK to refuse to serve same-sex couples if their religion opposes it. More from Religion News Service

The death belt

Shane Claiborne: Christians are why the death penalty lives on

Eighty-five percent of executions in the past 40 years have taken place in the Bible Belt and in states whose governors profess to follow Jesus, writes Shane Claiborne. More from Religion News Service

Hard choices

Trump’s Muslim ban is forcing some Americans to move to war-torn countries to reunit …

Sondos al-Silwi, a New York City charter school teacher, will move to Yemen to be with her husband when their daughter is 4 months old. She is not alone. More from The Huffington Post

A blurry line

There’s a surprisingly rich debate about how to define death

Turns out there’s no true consensus among doctors, bioethicists and philosophers. The way death is determined can even change as you cross state lines. More from Vox

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